Welcome To WPin A WordPress Blog About WordPress

So why read WPin? WordPress blogs are ten a penny.Fair point. We’re different. Here’s why.

Well for a start it’s not WordPress blog passing itself off as a thinly veiled affiliate site. Far from it. WPin is all about WordPress from a consumer point of view.

We hand pick news from around the WordPress world that you need to hear about. Write informed opinions & reviews on WordPress themes and plugins. There is no bias towards any WordPress theme/plugin developers just honest to goodness informed opinion.

We offer writing tips, what themes you should be keeping your eyes on, what WordPress plugins are hot to trot and much more.

A WordPress Blog Written By Someone Who Uses WordPress

Yup you read that right. WPin is actually written by someone who (actually) uses WordPress. In fact I have been using it for well over 6 years now. On a daily basis.

From installing WordPress, helping friends and setting up blogs/sites for businesses, you could say I know my onions. Right off the bat the one thing the WordPress world is missing is a WordPress blog told from a consumer point of view.

I make no bones about it. I am a user of WordPress not a coder. If that has put you off, I am not going to say sorry. If that has you intrigued then welcome.

This blog is written by someone who wished there was a WordPress blog around that catered for beginners with out all the bluff and bluster of code. One that pointed what not to buy and what to buy theme and plugin wise.

WordPress Reviews You Can Trust

Sick Of Spammy Reviews?

Well are you? The answer is more than likely yes.

If you trawl through the web you will find countless dirge from people looking to make a quick buck from reviews packed with affiliate links.

Most of the reviews are from people who have not actually even installed the theme or plugin!

Now that’s alarming.

In-depth WordPress Reviews

We go toe to toe with WordPress themes & plugins. We go from initial installation right through to problems encountered along the way.

We believe you deserve the best with frank and honest opinion. We don’t want you parting with your hard earned cash only to find out what you bought is junk. That’s where we come in 100% honesty.

Complete Transparency

Yes we use affiliate links. There I said it. I kind of have to. You see in order for me to review WordPress themes & plugins I need to pay for them.

Not everyone will give them away freely so I have to watch the cash and then purchase themes and plugins to review.

I’m not made of money you know.

I make no apologies

I write as I see it. I am here to open and share with you my experiences with WordPress. If I have knowledge or have come across something that I have implemented that I think is of benefit, I will share it.

Unlike other spammy crap WordPress theme listing sites or plugin ones (you know the shit I mean) I am here to add value to your WordPress journey.

I pull no punches if I think something is a scam or has a whiff of deviousness than I will mention it. Calling it as you see it is the best way to be. In fairness I wish there had been a blog about WordPress that did what I am doing back in the day. Would have saved a fortune on plugins & WordPress themes, that’s for damn sure.