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    Who’s Your Favorite WordPress Web Hosting Company of 2017? Vote For Yours!

    WordPress web hosting

    Be heard, share your experiences and vote for your favorite WordPress web host! There’s a shed load of WordPress web hosting comanpies, each with their subsequent pros and cons. Now for me to compare them all is a nightmare. That’s where you come in, I’m asking all those with a self hosted WordPress powered website, […] More

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    Hello and welcome to WPin’s WordPress Product Directory

    WordPress Directory on WPin

    Looking for a WordPress product, be it a WordPress theme, plugin or indeed service such as hosting etc, can shall we say be a nightmare. Who do you trust when it comes to reviews, opinions and so on? How can you trust blogs and websites who promote themes / plugins / services for monetary gain? Short […] More

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    WordPress Themes That Got My Attention #2

    WordPress themes plugins interest

    Before I begin… So it’s been a while since I’ve done any blogging of any kind, I’ve been busy moving house and sorting out everything that comes with that! So I apologise in advance for the fact I have not been blogging as much of late. Onwards to WordPress themes that caught my eye! It […] More

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    WooCommerce User Creates Site To Download Paid For Extensions For Free.

    download WooCommerce plugins free

    P***ed Off WooCommerce user releases all paid extensions to download for free. WooCommerce recently changed their renewal system, instead of them being 50% at renewal stage, they will now be full price. Some of you may have read my previous thoughts on this when I mentioned why “WooCommerce is going to cost you more money.” […] More

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    WordPress Themes & Plugins That Got My Attention #1

    WordPress themes plugins interest

    Themeforest themes & plugins that piqued my interest. June edition or #1 for those who like numbers. I do delve into Themeforest / CodeCanyon every once in a while to see if there’s anything of note theme wise or indeed plugin wise. A few things have caught my eye of late so I thought I’d […] More

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    WordPress Theme Shops I Trust. As A Consumer.


    A while ago Sami of Foxland Themes (great WordPress themes by the way) wrote a blog post recommending WordPress theme stores or shops if you will. It was entitled WordPress Theme Shops That I Trust. There’s some great recommendations in the post, with WordPress theme shops I’ve never heard of, the fact Sami recommends them […] More

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    WordPress Theme And Plugin List Posts Are Back Major U-Turn

    WordPress List post u turn

    It would appear I’m going to have to hold my hands up and say I will be creating them again. A while ago I wrote a post on list posts and why they suck here. Since then I have decided to start writing them again. Why? Not for a drop in traffic (I’ve decided to […] More

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    WooCommerce Is Going To Cost You More Here’s Why

    WooCommerce 50 percent renewal gone

    WooCommerce has moved the goal posts and ditches it’s 50% renewal costs. A while ago I wrote a post entitled “The True Cost Of WooCommerce” and I described the cost implications of running an online store utilising what is essentially a fork of JigoShop. Now that post caused quite a bit of controversy in fairness, […] More

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    WP Coupons Review + Tutorial

    WP Coupons

    WP Coupons Review & Tutorial On How To Build Your Own Coupon / Deal Site With WordPress In this review / tutorial I’m going to show you how I have added a Coupon / Deal section to WPin. Which in turn will show you how you can build your very own Coupon / deal website […] More

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    WhatWP? Bookmarking Site Launch


    I’ve been toying with the idea of having a bookmarking site dedicated to WordPress. In fact I did have one, called LyrWP, however I stopped it on a whim. Which is a shame really, I have however relaunched it (to a degree) as WhatWP? It’s powered by WordPress and uses the UpVote theme on Themeforest, […] More

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    Writer WordPress Theme Review

    Writer intro section in all it's glory

    It’s been a while since I’ve added any content to WPin, so I thought I’d kick off with a review of the Writer WordPress theme. Join me as I go in-depth and tell it like it is. Actually I will add I purchased this theme from MyThemeShop a couple of months ago. So I thought […] More

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    WP Subscribe Pro Review Get More Subscribers Promote Content

    Popup preview WP Subscribe Pro

    WP Subscribe Pro Review. Engage and attract new subscribers, showcase your content. I’m a bit of a fan of MyThemeShop in truth, I use their WordPress themes and really love the simplicity of them, as well as the SEO benefits of using them. That being said, I was contacted about reviewing the WP Subscribe Pro […] More

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