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WPin is all about the WP. How street of me. Well as the title suggests I write about WordPress. From reviewing WordPress themes, WordPress plugins and offering the odd tutorial, interview and a whole lot more besides.

I have a passion for WordPress that has spanned a number of years. The whole point of WPin.me is to offer up and share my experience working with WordPress. So I welcome you to my online hub of all things WP told by a laymen.

Yup I Review WordPress Themes & Plugins and here’s why you should trust me.

I Review WordPress Themes & Plugins

Yup there nice and simple huh? I review WordPress themes and plugins, I give honest feedback warts and all.

If a WordPress theme or indeed plugin is absolute garbage I will say so. If it’s ok, I will say so. If it’s other worldly, yup you guessed it. I will say so.

Honest WordPress Reviews

In this landscape of a thousand different WordPress related websites it can be difficult to find honest reviews. Many are simply spam related crap to get you to buy a theme or a plugin.

I only give HONEST and straight reviews. 

I Test & Install

I thoroughly test WordPress themes & WordPress plugins. I install them on a dummy domain with a fresh install of WordPress (latest version at the time) and have at.

I go through installation, ease of use, functionality and more. I do not offer half baked reviews with little insight in to the theme/plugin functionality. I go the whole hog.

By Installing We Learn

The only way to review a WordPress plugin or theme is to install it. I install I test, I show pitfalls of themes and plugins. Or sing their virtues. The only true way to review is to install.

So if you like to read honest reviews with an unbiased opinion from someone who has actually installed the theme / plugin then welcome.

Informed Opinion

It’s all well and good reading a review of a WordPress theme or plugin, you however as the reader do not want to be left in a quandary. You want an opinion that helps.

One that reassures you that the product your have just read the review on will indeed be fit for purpose. That’s where I come in, with informed opinion.

I’m Independant

By going it alone I’m not tied to any particular developer or company making themes or plugins. All reviews are performed with your intentions at heart. By having no allegiance I can give a completely unbiased opinion on a theme or plugin.


I Write about WordPress. Here you will find the latest blog posts relating to good old WP. Written by my fair hands, oh you lucky people. Take a look through and find something of interest.


I’m not so arrogant to think that my WP site is the be all and end all. With so many decent resources relating to WordPress it’s hard to keep track. That’s why I have a WordPress News section, a curated section of juicy WordPress goodness.

(WordPress Gallery / Showcase)

Despite the opening gambit a homage to the cheesy TMNT theme song, here is where you will find exceptionally designed WordPress powered websites. It’s a WordPress gallery don’t you know.

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