50 Best WooCommerce Themes For Selling Tartan Paint

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50 Super Duper Awesome WooCommerce Themes

Everyone Want’s Tartan Paint. Fact.

Yup that’s right we have selected 50 of the best ever WooCommerce themes specifically for helping you set up your very own online Tartan paint business. Join us as we list the best ever WooCommerce themes money can buy, we want houses across the planet dripping in Tartan paint.

I’m here to help you achieve your dreams with my collection of quite frankly f@*king awesome themes for WordPress & WooCommerce. So let’s crack on and take a look at this delicious list post of Tartan paint selling WordPress themes, specifically for WooCommerce. I can’t wait I’m chomping at the bit are you?

Let’s Start This Round Up Post For 50 Awesome WordPress WooCommerce Themes

I lied

There, I said it. I lied, if you actually thought for one second this was going to be yet another round up post you were mistaken. I came across the idea for this post after reading and leaving a comment on a blog post by Matt Medeiros on Making money with sponsored content (it’s a pretty awesome site by the way Matt really knows his onions).

In the post Matt discusses a range of things and touches on the “average WordPress news-y property” and methods these types of sites (mine included) employ to generate revenue, such as paid / network ads, sponsored reviews and affiliate links.

Which are all staples of most WordPress news-y properties, what I liked the Matt had to say was the following:

I can only read so many listicals and top free themes for the <month><year>. A place where sponsored reviews are quickly becoming just a thin overview of what happens next when clicking ‘activate’ more than a full-on review for the curious reader. Oh, also, your recommendation? It always ends with: maybe.

He then goes on to talk about writers, creators and readers and offers some interesting observations, look I’m not going to regurgitate his blog post here, go take a look at it yourself.

I completely agree with Matt, completely and implicitly. In fact my comment mentioned that I agreed and offered my ten cents you can view the comment here as well.

What I Wanted To Highlight Is This….

Matt: I can only read so many listicals and top free themes for the <month><year>.

A good point made, now Matt’s a reader of various blogs, he’s obviously seen a boat load of them to make the comment. Yet we still churn them out don’t we? Myself included, I hate writing list posts it’s a real ball ache and is quite frankly about as much fun as watching Tartan paint dry (ahem you see what I did?).

I loathe list posts, yet are they a necessary evil?

As I mention in the comment on Matt’s site, it’s a numbers game. The higher the number of the round up post surely it’s better quality? There are a number of WordPress news-y sites that write listicals. I’m pretty frigging sure they don’t enjoy writing them either, so why bother?

Well in part it’s kind of you the readers fault, sorry to lay it on you, this applies to some not all so don’t go throwing hate my way! We’ve all done it shared a blog post because it mentioned 60 of this 88 WordPress plugins for pigeon fanciers (delete as applicable)

We want to be the cool kid who spotted an awesome post on 34 of this etc, however did we actually read the listical in the first place? Nope, it was just a list with a number and it sounded cool.

I’ve written listical posts, they take fu(+king hours to do. You lose interest in creating them and it’s a real grind. I try not to now, only if it’s a list of savings on WordPress themes or plugins like for halloween or black friday etc. Because these are kind of useful and everyone loves saving money.

I’ve decided not to bother apart from the above. Focusing instead on writing something people will actually care for and hopefully come back and visit again. That being said I couldn’t help but create a round up of post names for listicals see below:

68 WordPress themes suitable for running a nunnery

15 Plugins Darth Vader Would use 2015 ‘that’s no moon edition’

10 Awesome WordPress hosting companies if you’re thinking of running a WordPress hosting company

23 Onion shaped WordPress themes that’ll bring tears to your eyes

38 Reasons why this blog post is fu*king awesome and 12 reasons yours sucks ass

24 SEO Plugins for WordPress that will skyrocket your SERP 2015 MAX EDITION

25 WooCommerce themes for selling pine cones

43 WordPress themes for Embalmers

100 Of the best WordPress themes ever created known to man

32 WordPress plugins to show an animated clock on your website

Like I said, I couldn’t help myself on the above. I’m sick of reading these types of posts, you’re probably sick of reading these types of posts. Let’s put a stop to it and stop bloody sharing them. If there is no call, there will be no listi-cal.

Matt mentioned sponsored Reviews in his blog post

If you did read the article by Matt he does mention sponsored reviews in fact he does say: ‘sponsored reviews are quickly becoming just a thin overview of what happens next when clicking ‘activate’ more than a full-on review for the curious reader’

Totally agree with Matt on this as well. They are absolutely everywhere, pretty much everywhere you turn is a wafer thin review of a WordPress theme or WordPress plugin. It’s either a guest post by a self proclaimed expert in writing reviews for other WordPress news-y sites or a thin one to attract traffic.

Hey man, we’ve all done it. Yet again they’re boring as hell to create.

We have a responsibility to readers

Like it or not we do, all WordPress news-y sites have a responsibility to visitors, not to lead them down the garden path with sub par product. Me? I like to take something install it and test it, that’s part of the fun of reviewing isn’t it? Getting to grips with a theme or plugin, putting it through it’s paces.

Giving it a good seeing to (ahem sorry) and writing my findings, we all really do have a responsibility to you the reader to offer frank advice and ensure you don’t get stung with a piece of crap.

Or would you rather read a review by someone who has blatantly just skimmed the theme / plugin documentation and rewritten it? I know which one I’d prefer.

In conclusion

It sounds like a rant but it’s not really, I know deep down it will probably never change. Hey it’s just part of this rich tapestry we call blogging right? Would be a wonderful world of content if things changed. All we can do is make the change though isn’t it? Write useful content that gets shared on merit alone not because it’s got a high number in it!

I’ve been just as guilty as the next in creating listicals, I mentioned before I hate doing them. They’re not something I would ever read again or refer back to. They were necessary at the time to get traffic and hits. However do I really wan’t to attract those types of visitors? In truth no not really.

What do you think? What’s your input? Do you agree? Let me know with a comment. I’m also up for peeps coming up with imaginative titles for a listical as well so if you have one leave one in the comment, would love to hear it!l

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