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Sorry I’ve been quiet been busy with LyrWP

LyrWP WordPress Theme Finder

Well it’s been an awfully long time since I have written anything on WPin.me, for that I can only apologize. You see I have been beavering away on another website. One that I hope people will find useful when searching for premium WordPress themes.

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November Google Analytics

WPin November Traffic Report 2015

Novembers web stats are in

Another month gone, where did the time go? I mean one minute it’s the first week of November the next it’s December and Christmas is round the corner as well. Oh well I kept myself busy though.

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WordPress directory

This is not ProPluginDirectory it’s WPin’s WordPress Directory

WPin’s WordPress Directory launch. Get some.

Well I have indeed been a busy boy of late, I wanted to really get my teeth into my project the WordPress Directory. I’ve had the idea for quite some time now and thought I would take the steps to bring it to fruition so to speak.

I’ve gone with the Checkout theme from Array themes to house the project and of course the blog, why? Well I really do quite like the way it handles blog posts with it’s layout and clean and clear typography. I found it to marry up with what I was looking to achieve.

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October vs September in Google Analytics

WPin October Web Traffic Report 2015

Well Octobers stats are in for the blog and I’d thought I’d share them with you. Before I give you the run down on them let’s take a look at what I did throughout the month.

Creating new content for the site

I was kind of busy I must say. I created 10 new blog posts for the site, including reviews a special offer round up, some opinion posts and more. What I will say is I was off on holiday from the day job from the 29th of October which led to a flurry of posts as I enjoyed my new found freedom and got back into the swing of things!

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September Google Analytics

WPin September Web Traffic Report 2015

Hey all, I used to do these a while ago but I thought I’d start afresh. I made some bad choices at the beginning of the year and messed up my site in fact at one point I even considered selling WPin.me.

After all it’s a nice short domain name and 4 character domains are quite sort after. Would it have sold who knows? That doesn’t matter now as I have really started to get into a swing with the blog and found my feet again.

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