Embed Your Twitter Timeline On Your Site

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Embed Your Twitter Timeline

So I was browsing through Twitter earlier and came across a new link (new for me anyways) I must have missed it before, well nonetheless I investigated it. In your twitter settings page you have all the usual bits, however it was the widgets that caught my eye. Ever the detective I decided to delve deeper into this new find.

What wonders would it contain, what enchantments?

Well the long and the short of it this if you want to add Twitter to your website or blog you can do so with a fancier and better looking widget than ever before. It’s incredibly easy to use and dare I say it flows better than the old twitter widgets that were available. (plain ugly).

Widgets Configurator Twitter

You are given a preview of the output of your new shiny widget, tinker with the settings on the left and add (take out) the things you want to keep, all very simple indeed. You can also create a widget for your favorite tweets, lists you have created or a twitter search with a specific hashtag.

Simply save and you’re given the code to embed in your site. If your using WordPress you can embed the javascript in a text widget, for static sites just embed the code , or any other CMS permitting of course simply drop it in.

Why bother embedding your twitter timeline?

Well two reasons, the new widget gives visitors a new degree of interactivity, they can follow you directly from your site or even tweet at you as well. So someone is reading a post or article on your site is an avid tweeter and drops you a tweet. For me it’s pretty invaluable.

But it’s not all about me is it? What do you think about it? Have you added it to your website have you noticed more followers or interaction from twitter users?

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