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    Am I Too Old To Code A WordPress Theme?

    Am I too old to code a WordPress theme?

    It’s a question and one I hope you my loyal readers can help me with. Let me flesh it out for you. I’m 40 years old, I’ve been using WordPress for an age. In fact I’d say about 8 years give or take. I love it, heck this blog is all about WordPress, after all. […] More

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    WPin Traffic & Income Report January 2017

    Audience Overview January

    WPin’s Website Traffic Report – January 2017 Firstly apologies to anyone who follows this series of blog posts on traffic and income. I’m a little late in getting it out there in fairness. I usually perform them the day after the month end. Sorry! WPin’s Web Traffic In December 2016   Sessions: 2237 Users: 2002 Page Views: 3269 Pages […] More

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    Here’s Reasons I Won’t Buy WordPress Themes From Themeforest (Anymore)

    Really $13.00????

    So Themeforest is huge, I’ve been active on Themeforest for a considerable time. In fact it’s been 5 years give or take, I’ve bought some great WordPress themes from Themeforest, heck I’ve even made some coin from affiliate links there. They were mainly from round up posts and some reviews I have written on purchases […] More

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    4 Real World WordPress Theme List Post Examples & Why They Suck

    My epiphany over the New year which lead to my article on No more list posts for WordPress themes or plugins, got me thinking. Actually it was Ana Segota co-founder of Anariel Design that got me thinking. We were talking literally a moment ago about list posts and how they are quite frankly crap. Ana made […] More

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    How I Review WordPress Themes Plugins & More

    WPin review process

    How do I review WordPress products on WPin? Ok, I thought I’d clear up my review process for people interested in me reviewing their WordPress themes, plugins and indeed services. So to give you the WordPress developer and you the WordPress consumer an idea of I go about things on WPin see below. Initial installation […] More

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    Do you trust WordPress blogs that use cloaked affiliate links?

    Do you trust WordPress cloaked affiliate links?

    There are a ton of websites, about WordPress and other topics that choose to cloak their affiliate links. Some do it for nefarious reasons, some do it because they want to track outbound clicks and keep track of stats and what not. My question is: Do you trust or indeed use websites who do this? […] More

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    No More WordPress Theme Or Plugin List Posts & Other News

    WPin New Years Resolutions!

    New Years Resolution #1 – No more theme / plugin list posts I’ve neglected the blog of late. I’ve been busy with other avenues and simply haven’t had the time to update It’s not until I revisited the blog did I realize just how many list posts of themes and plugins I actually had! […] More

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    WPin Traffic & Income Report December 2016 How Did I Do?

    Audience overview December real analytics

    WPin’s Website Traffic Report – December 2016 Well I have to apologize, December saw me doing Sweet FA (F**k all) in fairness. However I still think it’s worth sharing with you how the blog did. So here goes Decembers traffic report. WPin’s Web Traffic In November 2016 Sessions: 3261 Users: 2944 Page Views: 4702 Pages Per Session: 1.44 Avg Session: 00:01:02 […] More

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    WPin Traffic & Income Report November 2016 How Did I Do?

    Audience Overview November

    WPin’s Website Traffic Report – November 2016 November was a quiet month and a busy month for me. Quiet as in my activity on the blog only having published 4 blog posts and one of them was Octobers round up of traffic!!! Busy in the day job, so never got anywhere as much time as I […] More

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    StrictThemes WordPress Theme Business Up For Sale On Flippa


    StrictThemes an elite author on Themeforest specializing in WordPress themes is up for sale on Flippa. It’s a great opportunity for a fellow WP developer to take over a very successful enterprise selling on Themeforest and through StrictThemes own website. StrictThemes has been selling on Themeforest for 3 years and has racked up over 3.5k in […] More

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    GoDaddy Gets WordPress Theme Approved On In Same Day

    Primer WordPress Theme On In Under 24 Hours? GoDaddy a giant in the web hosting world recently submitted a WordPress theme to the theme repository and guess what? It went live in around 8 hours. This was brought to my attention via a tweet from a well known theme developer Oli Dale who […] More

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    WPin Traffic Report September 2016 How Did I Do?

    WPin’s Website Traffic Report – September 2016 August was a busy month that’s for sure, however September proved to be even more so. Lots happened in terms of website traffic. Including a boost towards the end of the month and WPin being cited on a very popular WordPress related website, which is awesome. Lets take a […] More