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    Themeforest ADP Author Driven Pricing On WordPress Themes And Plugins Now Live

    Themeforest ADP

    Themeforest Author Driven Pricing And What It Means To You As A Customer. Well an announcement post was published earlier this month allowing authors of certain marketplaces such as ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, GraphicRiver & 3DOcean to effectively name their price in selling their creative works. GraphicRiver incidentally had already allowed ADP last year. Envato call it ADP […] More

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    1st Ever ThemeForest WordPress Theme Selling For $225.00!

    Would You Pay $225.00 For A WordPress Theme On ThemeForest? A while ago I reviewed a WordPress theme called Pile. It was a paid for review, however true to form I always review warts and all irrespective of payment or not. To my surprise today I got an email stating that theme itself had shot […] More

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    How to Add Google Maps in WordPress

    Add Google Maps To Your WordPress Website Adding a location to your website gives you a number of advantages. It will become easier for your visitors to find the information about the exact location of your business, venue, event etc. you are speaking about on your website. It also will enable your visitors to remember your […] More

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    WPin Traffic Report August 2016

    Google analytics August

    WPin’s Website Traffic Report – August 2016 It’s another month down the line and as usual I like to share with you good people how I got on in terms of website traffic. It’s not for me to boast about or anything like that I just thought you might be interested in how my little slice […] More

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    GPLDL A Free Premium WordPress Download Site.

    Free WordPress Premium Theme Plugin Download Site

    GPLDL Bills Itself As A Free WordPress GPL Download Site. What’s The Real Truth? I fairly recently wrote a post well it was more of question to ask people really Do you buy WordPress themes & plugins from GPL Resellers? The post was written back in May, I did have one comment left on the blog post. […] More

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    WPin Traffic Report July 2016

    Audience Overview July 2016 Website traffic report WPin

    WPin’s Website Traffic Report – July 2016 Hey is it just me or are the months just flying by? Irrespective it’s that time of the month where I round up my website traffic. Without further ado let’s take a butchers at how I it went down. June 2016 Traffic   Sessions: 2685 Users: 2354 Page Views: 3852 Pages Per […] More

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    WPin Traffic Report June 2016

    June 2016 Traffic Report WPin

    WPin’s Website Traffic Report – June 2016 June came, June went. It sped past didn’t it? Anyways it’s time for another traffic report here on WPin. Let’s take a look on how I did throughout the month of June. First up let’s take a look at May and compare it to June: May 2016 Traffic   Sessions: 3080 Users: 2688 […] More

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    MailGet Giveaway Contest: Win 1 of 3 Premium Email Marketing Accounts

    MailGet Email Marketing

    MailGet is a relative newcomer to the field of email marketing. It follows in the same vein as MailChimp, MadMimi and more. It offers real time reporting, bounce reports an embedded sign up form, online email builder via a drag and drop interface and much more. About MailGet MailGet is incredibly cost effective when compared […] More

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    How To Save Money On WordPress Themes

    Save money on WordPress themes

    Stop Spending Money On Junk WordPress Themes!!! If you are anything like me saving money on WordPress themes is a big deal. By this I mean ensuring your hard earned money is wisely spent on your own WordPress powered website or indeed if you are working on behalf of a client. Nobody likes working with […] More

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    WPin Traffic Stats May 2016

    May website traffic report 2016

    WPin’s Website Traffic Report – May 2016 Well yet another month has flown by here on It’s been a busy month on site and off site. With lots on in the day job and other affairs outside of blogging it was an uphill battle in terms of content creation. Without further ado let’s get Mays […] More

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    WPin hits 1 year old. Happy Birthday

      So maybe I should start by being truthful? Ok so I’ve had the domain since 2010, I’ve created a load of different iterations. I’ve recreated the site as one thing then as another. I blame my butterfly like mind, always with the next big idea and sadly failing. So I started again from […] More

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    Q. Do you buy WordPress themes & plugins from GPL Resellers?

    Do you buy from GPL resellers

    It’s a bone of contention for many, some don’t mind the reselling of GPL compliant WordPress plugins or themes others vehemently decree their disdain of them. I’m a consumer of WordPress and I buy themes and plugins from various sources, marketplaces and such. Have I bought plugins from a GPL reseller? Yes. There you go, […] More