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    Q. What’s your favorite blog post of all time?

    questions asked

    I Asked A Number of WordPress Movers & Shakers two questions with surprising results. A while ago I asked a select amount of top bloggers & developers within the WordPress world a couple of questions via email. I sent out quite a few emails and a number of them come back with some really interesting answers. […] More

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    WPin Traffic Stats April 2016

    Google analytics April 2016

    WPin’s Website Traffic Report – April 2016 The whole point of these blog posts is not to boast (hardly worth boasting when your just getting going) but to highlight how I’m doing in terms of traffic. For me it’s a personal log and a kind of note to self type thing, I look back on […] More

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    Win Big With The MyThemeShop WordPress Giveaway ;-)

    Welcome To The WPin MyThemeShop Giveaway! Welcome one and all to this competition to win one of three AWESOME prizes!!! We’ve teamed up with the folks over at the rather spiffing MyThemeShop home to over 120 WordPress themes & plugins, to offer you lucky people some ace prizes! What’s up for grabs in the MyThemeshop […] More

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    WPLift Sold For $205,100 Going Going Gone!

    WPLift sold on Flippa – Can you say kerching? Well as you may or may not be aware news was circulating around about the sale of WPLift a very popular WordPress blog about WordPress up for sale on Flippa. In fact you might have read my post on WPLift Up For Sale Who’s Buying? earlier on in […] More

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    31 WordPress Plugins I Own On CodeCanyon

    31 WordPress Plugins I Own On CodeCanyon

    Following on from my post on 26 WordPress themes I own from Themeforest a list post with a difference I thought I’d share with you all the WordPress plugins I own on CodeCanyon. Why? Because I can and it’s interesting for me at least reading back on the purchases I made at the time. So […] More

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    WPLift Up For Sale Who’s Buying?

    WPLift for sale

    Ok so I might be a little bit late out of the gate on this one, if you haven’t heard WPLift is up for sale on Flippa. I have to admit I was shocked at the sight of it on Flippa, I don’t know Oli Dale (the owner of WPLift) personally but have had dealings […] More

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    WPin Traffic & Income Report October 2016 How Did I Do?

    October Web Traffic On WPin

    WPin’s Website Traffic Report – October 2016 I was lazy, well not lazy in fairness. Lazy on WPin, busy with everything else. I’ve recently been asked to undertake some more work for a friend of a friend and have been busy making plans for that. WPin took a seat on the old back burner. That’s not […] More

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    WPin Traffic Stats March 2016

    March 2016 Google Analytics For

    Well thankfully this web traffic stat post has some good news packed in it. In the month of March I racked up an amazing 3 posts! Hold the phone right? Well I wasn’t super mad busy with the site, however I did write 3 posts (one of them being a stats round up for February!!!!) […] More

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    26 WordPress Themes A List Post With A Difference. I Own Them All.

    SquareCode - Marketplace for Easy Digital Downloads

    Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really like round up posts when it comes to WordPress themes and of course WordPress plugins. I for one find them a little misleading and could leave you out of pocket in fairness. So I thought I might switch things up a little bit and show you […] More

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    WPin Traffic Stats February 2016

    February Traffic stats WPin

    I’m lazy. It’s official. I only published one blog post which was one from a while ago I found in my database and rejigged it a little. It’s called 12 Useful Tips on Starting a WordPress Blog it actually did alright in terms of traffic. Glad it was of help to those who read it! So […] More

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    iDIGITAL WordPress Theme Blatant Rip Off Of Marketify

    Product page iDIGITAL

    I’ve never laughed so hard, quite literally. I was having a look through Themeforest (as I do) and came across a new WordPress theme for use with Easy Digital Downloads called iDIGITAL, it piqued my interest so I took a look. What f*ckery transpired beggars belief. I own a copy of one theme called Marketify it’s […] More

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    WPin Traffic Stats January 2016

    January 2016 WPin Traffic Stats

    Well same as Decembers web traffic report I literally did nothing new to the site. I didn’t write any new content due to the daily grind, which of course I’m not bitter about you understand! It’s just very little time to myself to get WPin up to shape in terms of content it’s tough. Make […] More