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How do I review WordPress products on WPin?

Ok, I thought I’d clear up my review process for people interested in me reviewing their WordPress themes, plugins and indeed services. So to give you the WordPress developer and you the WordPress consumer an idea of I go about things on WPin see below.

Initial installation

I always install a theme or plugin on a fresh clean install of WordPress. I have a number of URLs I use to house my reviews, it’s here with no other plugins and such that I perform them.

I do this to ensure there are no conflicts with any other plugins and to go through the motions as a consumer who just purchased / downloaded the product.

Problems encountered

Wherever I encounter a problem with a theme or plugin, be it small or major I will actually mention it in an review. I could mention it to a developer prior to the review being published, however I find this process misleading.

You need to know about the faults as a consumer, I don’t feel comfortable glossing over problems. The developers can read the review and leave a comment and acknowledge the faults and take action. If I was a consumer, this is something I’d like to see, a developer acknowledging issues and rectifying them.

Do I read the documentation for a theme or plugin?

Yes and again no. Most consumers will not read the instructions, some will, some won’t. I tend to review on the basis, if it works out of the box great. If I encounter problems, then of course I will refer to the documentation for clarification.

Do I charge for WordPress reviews?

I never used to in fairness. However I find by charging for reviews I have a clearer line of communication with the developer in question. It’s a buy in between me and of course the creator.

Aren’t paid for reviews misleading?

Not the way I perform them. Irrespective of whether or not I have received payment for a review, it does not lend itself to a favourable review. I review themes/plugins from a consumer point of view from the mindset I have purchased the product and whether or not I would be happy with my purchase.

On average a detailed review of a theme or plugin can take a considerable amount of time. My reviews are well over 1000 words long and cover every facet I can think of from a consumer POV.

This is why I charge to do them, it takes hours upon hours to test, report, install, tinker and more.

Costs for reviews are at the base of this blog posts, scroll down for pricing.

Do you use affiliate links?

Yes I do, I do not mask my affiliate links. Affiliate links are a secondary source of income and help pay for the costs of running the website and of course my time. The revenue generated from these links in reviews affords me the ability to buy themes and plugins if companies do not want their product reviewed, so I can review and share my findings with you.

From consumer to consumer

The whole point of my website is to help people like me, individuals looking for a new theme or plugin and are unsure of what to expect. My process of reviewing is not from a technical viewpoint it’s purely from a consumer view.

Which I personally think is missing in the WordPress world, having a blog that caters to the non-coders who use WordPress. Or those who know they’re stuff and are just keen to see what other products are out there, that could in fact benefit their blog.

Costs for reviewing themes & plugins / services

I’d love to not charge for reviews, I really, really would. However due to the length of time they take to perform I cannot do them for free. Sorry developers, however this is the way things are and as much as I’d love to do it for nothing, I just cant.

That being said, see below for costs associated:

WordPress Plugin / WordPress theme review: $150.00

I charge $150.00 for an in depth review at present, some might wince at that cost, others may not. That’s how much I charge to perform a well structured and thorough review.

Just because you’re paying for a review, it does not mean I will be giving it 10 out of 10. You must understand I will not do this, I will happily turn the money down and have nothing to do with your product it’s just not how I work at all.

If you would like me to review your product please use the form below to request a review here.


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