Am I Too Old To Code A WordPress Theme?

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It’s a question and one I hope you my loyal readers can help me with. Let me flesh it out for you.

I’m 40 years old, I’ve been using WordPress for an age. In fact I’d say about 8 years give or take. I love it, heck this blog is all about WordPress, after all.

WordPress got me into the marketing game, it’s WordPress that changed my career. Let me divulge.

I’ve had many different jobs.

I started out working for a film studio, I love films and am the guy you want in your corner when playing a pub quiz about films by the way. I wanted to be a film director, not an actor.

It’s an industry I always wanted to work in, however it was not meant to be.

I had to change career due to my contract changing, it was a poorly paid job. I did get to meet some famous people and if I could do it all over again I’d have stuck it out. Not that I’m unhappy with my lot, far from it.

I’ve been a refuse collector, a night cleaner an insurance salesman and worked in recruitment / sales.

It was working in sales that I discovered WordPress

Many years ago I worked for a company as a sales rep. It was a small company granted, however it taught me a thing or to about the web.

It was here that I was tasked with creating a website for the company, with no experience but armed with a can do attitude.

I immediately Google’d the crap out of it, after frequenting various forums asking advice, I discovered WordPress.

It was here I learnt so much. WordPress afforded me a new career, spawned over 8 years and made me into what I am today. A marketeer, working online and writing content for myself, my day job and for others.

It’s not enough for me though.

I want more.

Those who cant do teach

Or in my case review. I love reviewing WordPress themes and plugins, I truly do. Some might see me as an old fashioned blogger, what with my approach to reviewing themes / plugins.

I like to go in-depth as in-depth as I can possibly go, deeper Alice deeper down the rabbits hole.

It’s through reviewing the labours of others, nay the fruits of their theme / plugin labours, that I feel compelled to learn. To absorb knowledge if you will.

That moment, that moment when you have spent countless hours coding something of substance. Something that will help others and enable them to create content and tell their own story.

I want that feeling. I really do.

Can you help me?

It’s over to you. I need your help. I want to learn how to code my very own WordPress theme. Give something back to a community of developers and users that have made me what I am today.

I know there is a veritable wealth of resources in the wilds of Google, to be honest though there is so much noise. It’s hard to decipher where to begin and what to learn!

I’d love to hear from people who can recommend decent starting points. I’m not an idiot, I’d like to think I have a modicum of intelligence.

I just wanted to hear from others who perhaps can point me in the right direction. I’m happy to pay for an online course / subscription if needs be, I’m not looking to learn something for free!

I have time to invest, fleeting as it is, but I do have time.

Any help / recommendations you can give will be greatly appreciated, leave a comment if you will with your recommendations / opinion.

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