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WordPress Theme & Plugin Discovery

A Curated by hand collection of premium WordPress themes & WordPress plugins. Quality products by talented developers.

Why use WPin, when looking for a WordPress theme or plugin?

To put it simply? I pull no punches. There’s a lot of automation around theme & plugin curation. Thankfully WPin.me is not one of those sites. All themes and plugins are picked by my fair hand, I can spot junk at 50 paces, hence you can be assured the listings here are in fact worth a look.

Curated by hand

I personally hand pick WordPress themes & plugins I feel could benefit you the consumer.

I make no bones about it, I’d rather have a small sized unofficial premium repo / directory then have it full of crap, just to pad it out.

Easy to use

WPin’s theme / plugin finder, is powered by WooCommerce. I don’t hold any themes as stock lines here.

You can filter down your theme / plugin needs by compatibility, developer and more. I like to keep things simple here on WPin.

No Nulled products

I’m a big believer in the right people getting the recognition they deserve. Hence why all themes and plugins listed on WPin, will have the developers links attributed to them.

No GPL Reseller links, no links to nulled themes or plugins. Just links to the right people.


All links on WPin in will have affiliate links in them. I’m not going to mess you around and lie about it.

I’d love to do it all for free, however the world isn’t like that. In order to keep WPin going and maintain it the links (if you decide to purchase) mean I get a referral fee.

Transparency and all that noise.

Take a look at what's in the WPin repo.

I’ve carefully chosen a selection of WordPress themes and of course plugins that will help your blog or business website ignite! No junk here just good old fashioned quality themes / plugins.

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It’s here I collate interesting WordPress related articles from around the web, my personal bookmarks for your viewing pleasure.

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