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WPin is all about the WordPress consumer, helping you make informed purchasing decisions on themes, plugins and services. Written by a consumer for consumers.

About WPin & Me

I’ve been around the block, that’s for sure. I started with WordPress in my early thirties and now (unfortunately) I’m in my forties!

That’s by the by, what I can tell you is that I have a number of years experience under my belt.

It’s through that experience that I can help you, you the consumer. With my passion for WordPress and my willingness to help.

WPin first started out as a resource for me learning WordPress writing articles for future reference.

As time has passed, it’s evolved into something more.

Honest WordPress Reviews

I write WordPress theme reviews and plugin reviews objectively. I provide a warts and all approach to them.

Performing reviews as I would like to find them honest in approach and laying bare any problems or pitfalls that may occur.

WordPress reviews need to be honest, providing you the consumer with all the information you need to get going.

Helping you make an informed decision for your blog or business. Not to make a quick buck.

All reviews are carried out on a fresh install of WordPress.

WordPress theme / plugin reviews and performed from a user perspective not that of a developer.

I do not provide favourable reviews for profit, that’s not my style.

Reviews are performed as is, without the input of the developer.

Problems I find will be outlined in the review itself, not glossed over without a mention.

Being honest is key, it’s through this you build trust.

Premium WordPress Theme & WordPress Plugin Directory

Finding a premium WordPress plugin or indeed WordPress theme can be a pain.

That’s why I set the premium WordPress directory on WPin.me to make it easier for all concerned.

With the sole aim of helping you find something of substance for your business or blog.

The premium WordPress directory is curated by hand. I pick and choose themes and plugins that I believe could be of benefit to you.

There’s no automation here, I do accept submissions to the premium directory, however it’s my discretion.

If I don’t think they’ll make the cut, they will not be listed.

I’ve made finding a WordPress theme even easier, with a simple filter system.

You can narrow down your search by developer, compatibility and cost.

It’s something I believe will help you in the long run.

There’s so much choice in the premium WordPress product landscape which is great, don’t get me wrong.

The directory itself aims to make things simpler by curation of noteworthy plugins and indeed themes.

Problems I find will be outlined in the review itself, not glossed over without a mention.

Affiliate link or not affiliate link? That’s right you have a choice, WPin.me is not a money making spammy affiliate site.

I give you the choice on each and every product listing, either support WPin by clicking on an affiliate link, or don’t. No harm no foul.

WordPress Deals on themes & plugins

Everyone loves a deal on WordPress products. Whether it’s savings on WordPress themes, money off WordPress plugins and more.

It’s in out nature to seek a discount! That being said you could always take a look through my dedicated deals section.

Did I forget to mention I have a blog?

Well I do, it’s here you can find my latest posts, my inane meanderings and more! I like to keep it simple in terms of writing content.

I tend not to pull any punches when creating content for the blog, so if you’d like to read my tips, reviews, general opinion and more please feel free!

That’s about it really.

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