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WPin’s Website Traffic Report – Feb 2017

It’s traffic report time here on WPin. It’s time to delve into Febs stats how did I do and what did I do? Well see below for more info on how I WPin performed!

WPin’s Web Traffic In January 2017

Audience Overview January

Audience Overview January

  • Sessions: 3050
  • Users: 2632
  • Page Views: 5167
  • Pages Per Session: 1.69
  • Avg Session: 00:01:32
  • Bounce Rate: 81.90

WPin’s Web Traffic In February 2017

February Traffic Stats WPin 2017

February Traffic Stats WPin 2017

  • Sessions: 2985  – 65
  • Users: 2566 – 66
  • Page Views: 3985  – 1182
  • Pages Per Session: 1.34 – 0.35
  • Avg Session: 00:00:58 – 00:00:34
  • Bounce Rate: 86.93 + 05.03

February is a short month!

Whilst the above stats may seem disheartening to some, to me they do not. February is a short month, especially compared to January!

I’m 3 days down in terms of traffic in truth, so an extra 3 days would have seen me potentially beat January in terms of traffic, which is aces.

Sure page views are down bounce rates are up and time on site is down, however I can’t be upset with myself for that. An additional 3 days on to improve page views, bounce rates and time on site would not have been enough.

Personally I think the bounce rates are up as Google has cached pages of my list posts I had created before, it certainly explains a lot. Oh and of course the directory being nixed and traffic to themes / plugins listed in said directory would of course suffered as a result.

What content did I produce in February?

Well I was actually busy producing content in Feb only 5 blog posts but one of them in particular is a theme review over 6.5K in word count!

So blog posts created were as follows:

Here’s Reasons I Won’t Buy WordPress Themes From Themeforest (Anymore):- this post covers (fairly obviously) why I wont but WordPress themes on Themeforest, I give reasons behind my rationale and it’s proved quite popular in terms of traffic.

WPin Traffic & Income Report January 2017:- A round up of traffic stats for January, bit of a shame one of the blog posts was just a round up of what I did last month!

Adrenaline WordPress Theme Review:- This one was huge. It was another paid for review, however me not really being a shrinking violet I went toe to toe with the theme. As in depth as I can possibly go, hence the word count being over 6.5K!!!

I’m really quite proud of this theme review and was genuinely impressed with how it worked, I ended up using it on my day jobs website. You cant make a stronger statement than that, can you?

Am I Too Old To Code A WordPress Theme?:- This one was me reaching out to my audience to see if the statement was true or not. I’ve had a few interactions on my Twitter account and had one comment with advice and telling me to go for it. Which is encouraging!

9 Of My Favourite WordPress Reviews On WPin:- Just a quick round up of some of my favourite themes and plugins I’ve had the pleasure to review. Just thought it might be worthwhile highlighting them.

WPin Earnings Report

See below for earnings for the month of December:

  • ThemeForest – $20.00 various links on the blog
  • Shopify – $26.00 link on blog post
  • WordPress theme review – $150.00
  • Consulting – $300.00

Total February:  $496.00 January: $262.60 up $233.50


February has been incredibly busy for me, I love reviewing WordPress themes and plugins and hope that my reviews help people in making an informed decision when buying.

I managed to pick up a client in February as well and have been doing some consulting work for them that should be regular income for me.

Plans for March

Aiming to add more reviews to the blog, and some tutorials to help others who are just starting out or indeed are looking for ideas for websites. Hopefully these will inspire others and generate more traffic to WPin!

How Did You Get On In February?

Let me know how you got on last month in terms of traffic! I know it was a short month and all but if you would like to share your feedback on how your site performed, please leave a comment 🙂

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