1st Ever ThemeForest WordPress Theme Selling For $225.00!

Would You Pay $225.00 For A WordPress Theme On ThemeForest?

A while ago I reviewed a WordPress theme called Pile. It was a paid for a review, however true to form I always review warts and all irrespective of payment or not. To my surprise today I got an email stating that theme itself had shot up in price.

Well, I say shot up, in fairness a BIG JUMP to $225.00 for a single license. Whilst I did enjoy the WordPress theme itself, liked how it functioned and more do I think it’s worth $225.00??

Well, it’s certainly a good-looking and functional theme worth $225.00? Maybe in fairness. 

Whilst this is a bold move to raise the price so high this may backfire. The amount of time and effort PixelGrade has put into this portfolio theme is huge, as is with a large percentage of theme and plugin developers on ThemeForest / CodeCanyon.

Why This Price Increase Could Work

Asking people to pay $225.00 for a portfolio theme for WordPress could work. On the basis that it is alienating the tire kickers and install once types ask a shed load of questions then disappear into the ether customers. The pain in the rears, the impatient types who want the moon on a stick.

They are creating their very own niche market inside a burgeoning marketplace, those who crave something of quality and are willing to pay that extra for something they believe to be worth it.

There’s no doubt the Pile WordPress theme is a decent theme, by raising the price they may sell less. However the customers they do garner from the hike may well be the type that THEY want to work with.

Why This Price Increase Could Fail

It could in all actuality. The problem with Themeforest is everyone wants’s a website that looks like the demo or wants additional functionality etc, etc. You’ve only got to read through the comments on themes for $59.00 and see the shocking responses and calls for support or ‘this doesn’t work’ or ‘it won’t do this’ despite no claim to do the what the consumer wished.

A majority of Themeforest customers are penny pinchers to a degree, not all but some are. They want their cake and eat it, they want blood for $59.00 or $64.00 or whatever theme in question is going for.

To that end, you may well see the Pile theme languish with no further sales, as prolific Themeforest users/customers pour scorn over their pricing.

One Thing Is Clear, It’s A Bold Move

There can be no denying it, it’s a bold thing to do. They have taken a marketplace the primarily offers themes from $30.00 – $64.00 and given it a kick with their offering of $225.00, it’s yet to be seen whether this will take off.

What Does This Mean For Current Authors On Themeforest & Indeed Customers?

Well, it could start a new price hike, it could send themes through the roof on Themeforest. Which could be a worrying trend for Themeforest consumers. Nobody likes a price hike and justifying $225.00 for a WordPress theme is too much for any one man/woman bands.

It could send others to drop prices in an effort to capitalize on the other themes high prices. However, this would be a bad thing, as more and more people would buy the cheaper options and ask more and more questions. Those reducing the quality of the output of the developers, especially when all their time is spent offering answers to support questions.

Are You A ThemeForest Customer Or Author?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and whether you would support pricing hikes and such. As ever please leave a comment with your feedback and let’s have a chat!

*EDIT:- I’ve actually written a post about ThemeForest / CodeCanyon’s Author Drive Pricing – you might want to take a look. Or not!

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