26 WordPress Themes A List Post With A Difference. I Own Them All.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really like round-up posts when it comes to WordPress themes and of course WordPress plugins. I for one find them a little misleading and could leave you out of pocket in fairness.

So I thought I might switch things up a little bit and show you what I actually own in terms of themes/plugins for WordPress.

So what will follow is a round-up post with my thoughts and opinions on all the things I have purchased from ThemeForest and CodeCanyon.

Why tell everyone what you own from Themeforest?

I’m sick to death of reading blog list posts from people who have never tested themes or plugins yet feel the need to impart their wisdom without even testing them out. So for that reason alone, I thought you might like to read my opinion up to you if you see the wisdom in it.

What I will do is tell the truth. That much is granted, I can’t mislead people it’s not in my nature to do so. I will tell you that this post will contain affiliate links if that’s put you off I apologize.

FFS man I have 15 kids to feed and three of them are really fat. So read on if you don’t mind harsh truths and the odd affiliate link. 😉

Let’s take a look at the WordPress themes I own then from Themeforest of course:

Retro WordPress Theme

Retro WordPress theme

Wow, I bought this theme way back in 2012. I think I was going through a steampunk / BioShock phase and wanted something a little bit different.

I never used it in fairness which is a shame. From what I can remember it was a cinch to use when I installed it, I just loved the feel of it, it was indeed and nay still is decidedly retro!

I remember why I bought it, it was another pipe dream to showcase my wares as a web designer. Then I woke up and realized I really wasn’t a web designer.

It’s a one-pager in terms of design and dares I say it (some might disagree) it still kind of looks good now. Four years down the line which is mighty impressive. Take a look at the demo to see what I mean.

Oh yes, and it was recently updated albeit back in Feb 2016 with more features. Worth a look? I think so. A unique theme that shines through simplicity, a bit cyberpunkish meets Hollywood 50’s style.

Cost $44.00 View Demo 

Caffeine WordPress theme

Caffeine WordPress theme

I purchased this theme again in 2012. It was actually for the day job, I wanted a way to add separation of content through different color schemes (which you could do with it)

I installed it and was instantly disappointed it was a nightmare to work with. Christ, it looked dated back in 2012 WTF was I thinking.

It hasn’t been updated since 2015 so probably avoid this one at all costs right? Yeh, I would.

Looked the part, if a little-dated back then. I really wanted to love this theme but sadly I just couldn’t. From what I remember it was a bit of pig to use and I dropped it.

Cost $49.00 View Demo 

Max Mag - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Max Mag WordPress theme

I was secretly working on another website for a domain I had, sadly it never took off due to time constraints. I spread myself too thin, that’s a fact. However I liked the look of the Max Mag WordPress theme back in 2012, I wanted a news style WordPress theme and Max Mag fit the bill.

I never used it in the end, not because it was awful to use, far from it. I just never got the opportunity to use it to it’s fullest.

It has a relatively clean design to it, it might look a little busy but everything was laid out well hence one of the reasons I bought it. It’s been updated as well for 2016 in March so it’s worth a look.

A good looking theme at the time, a real news WordPress theme. It’s been updated and could be good for news based website. Take a look at the demo for an idea.

Cost $59.00 View Demo 

PokeRoost WordPress theme

PokeRoost WordPress theme

I actually bought this one for a friend. He was taking a look at setting up a poker website offering tips and tutorials. Me being me offered to help gratis, of course, the only thing I ended up with was being out of pocket.

This time around the pipedream wasn’t mine it was his! What I do remember casting my mind back was that it wasn’t the easiest theme to use.

It was quite troublesome to use, it hasn’t been updated since 2012 so defo avoid this one. By all means, take a look at the demo if you want but I’d steer clear personally.

Hasn’t been updated since 2012, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Cost $59.00 View Demo 

The Gossip: Multi-Purpose Magazine Theme

The Gossip WordPress theme

Picked this puppy up back in 2013, I actually did use it when I was going through a ‘rebrand’ phase on WPin.

Yes, yes, another rebrand I think I have ADHD. Anyway, I’m kind of gutted I didn’t stick with this theme thinking back. I liked the look of it hence the reason I bought it I just remember it being really easy to use. Like really easy.

Plus the fact my bounce rate was really low and the search engines loved me using this theme. If I could go back I wouldn’t have changed.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, take a look at the demo for how clean it looks. It’s worth considering for sure.

The Gossip theme was updated in February 2016 so is still relatively current. It’s worth taking a look at if you want a clean well-coded theme for your news site.

Cost $59.00 View Demo

Bazar Shop WordPress WooCommerce theme

Bazar Shop WordPress / WooCommerce theme

Many moons ago I did a review of WooCommerce for a website some of you might remember called WPCandy. Well, it was from here I kind of started to take an interest in WooCommerce.

Sure it was back in 2011 (the review at least) and I wanted to explore WooCommerce with setting up a website for a company I was working for. So I purchased the Bazar WordPress / WooCommerce theme.

Have to say at the time it was a f**king nightmare to use. Was incredibly slow (shared host) and was horrible to set up and get running. That being said, when I eventually invested a lot of time on it on a test affiliate site the SEO of the theme made me a few dollars. Quite a few.

It’s been updated several times (originally coming out in 2013) the most recent update being 2016. Be mindful of the speed of your site, that’s all I’ll say on that one.

It was slower than a slug going uphill covered in treacle. I abandoned it in the end, although it did perform well in search engines. Have a good web host give it a spin, just be wary if you’re on a shared host.

Cost $64.00 View Demo

Kallyas WordPress theme

KALLYAS - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Ah, the Kallyas theme, who do I treat thee? I bought this theme when it first comes out. I purchased it for work and created a pretty kick ass website from it (if I don’t mind saying so).

It did have a learning curve to it granted, however, it fit the purpose at the time. It supports WooCommerce, BuddyPress and a lot more besides. It’s a great theme to use and I enjoyed using it to a point.

It just wasn’t quick enough, not from a visitor perspective you understand I just remember going through quite a few hoops to get it just right. It’s worth a look at though as it can help you build something a little bit special.

A great looking theme for sure. Has a learning curve to it, if you can master it’s worth an investment. The page builder takes some getting used to, take a look at the various demo’s to see it’s capabilities.

Cost $59.00 View Demo

LiquidFolio WordPress theme

LiquidFolio - Portfolio Premium WordPress Theme

I was looking at the time for something the encapsulated the pin part of WPin. So I invested in the LiquidFolio WordPress theme.

Another harebrained scheme for a rebrand. I have to be absolutely honest about it, I never used it. I can’t even remember installing it, save for the fact I purchased it with the best intentions based on how it looks.

Wish I could tell you more, but I’d be lying. It hasn’t been updated since 2015 so probably best avoid it then really.

I cannot remember sweet F.A about this theme, I was probably drunk when I bought it. Wish I could tell you more about it.

Cost $49.00 View Demo

Jupiter WordPress theme

Jupiter WordPress Theme

Where do I begin and where do I end? I kind of fell in love with this WordPress theme. I used it a while ago before swapping to the checkout theme with my ill-fated directory slant.

Saying that after an update (which was farcical at best) I started testing the theme again.

It was then I fell in love in with it all over again. I just love the freedom it gives me to create pages with a different look, a unique feel if you will.

It’s not for everyone granted, mainly due to the learning curve but I’ve been using it off and on now for 3 years. That says something, doesn’t it? Fell in love, out of love and back in love with this WordPress theme. I did use it here on WPin, which I would like to think speaks volumes.

Perfect for a corporate website, blog and so much more. Just be conscious you will need a caching plugin if on a shared host!

The best $59.00 I ever spent? Quite possibly, I really should review it and share more of an in-depth opinion.

Cost $59.00 View Demo

Sistina WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Sistina - Flat Multipurpose Shop Theme

I had to come up with a website for a friend (which never happened, never offer to do a friend’s website) who wanted to sell bits and pieces and offer drop shipping and such.

Well despite them being a pain in the ass and it never actually happening I still purchased the Sistina theme and gave it a good going over so to speak.

As with YITH another theme I purchased from Themeforest (the Bazar Shop theme) it was a little clunky, me being me likes to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I ran it as an affiliate website for a bit as an experiment and it did do quite well on search engines.

You just need to have a good caching plugin installed to get the most out of it, and don’t enable every single feature it has. Well, I didn’t anyways, it was overkill in fairness but I figured better to have it all in one and not need it, than not have it and need it later.

Has a shed load of features via its own plugins integrated into the theme itself? It certainly looks the part just use caution if you’re on a shared host as it can be a drain.

Was easier to use than the Bazar Shop theme which is a marked improvement, to say the least.

Cost $64.00 View Demo

Puzzles WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Puzzles | WordPress Magazine/Review with WooC

I purchased the Puzzles WordPress theme with a view to creating a spin-off of WPin.me. I wanted a way to showcase WordPress news in a succinct and easy to read format.

Plus I wanted the flexibility to add a shop element for showcasing WordPress themes & plugins. Puzzles offered both. Sadly the project got shelved.

The theme itself hasn’t bee updated since 2015 I did have a play around with it and always had a possible use for it in the back of my mind. It just never came to fruition, shame really as it was quite nice to use.

Bought this back in 2013 for the sole reason it was different to everything else on the market. It hasn’t been updated in quite some time, have a look at the demo if you like just do bear that in mind.

Cost $59.00 View Demo

The X WordPress theme

X | The Theme

Simple one this one. I fell for the sales copy and the demo or should I say (demo’s). It’s feature rich and apparently one of the best-coded SEO themes on the market (according to the description).

I was quite excited to get my teeth into this one and I will review it at some point when I have the time. My brief play around with it showed its promise, however, I got so used to using the Jupiter theme which I think offers more flexibility that’s just my opinion might I add.

It’s sold quite a few copies on Themeforest, roughly around 96000 sales. So it must be good right? Hmm, wait for the review?

Bought this back in 2013 for the sole reason it was different to everything else on the market. It hasn’t been updated in quite some time, have a look at the demo if you like just do bear that in mind.

Cost $64.00 View Demo

Neosense WordPress theme

Neosense - Multipurpose WordPress theme

Purchased this to do a website for a friend of a friend. Liked the demo so dived straight in, was a bit of an ass to use due to the inbuilt page builder.

Once I got up and running it performed well in search engines in fairness. However, I had to get rid of it and use something else as WordPress evolves there hadn’t been an update since September 2015.

So I got shot of it, I cant have someone’s website at the mercy of incompatibility, can I? No sir, I cant.

Liked it, used it. Was a bit of pain to get sorted with, once I was it was all gravy. Binned it, not updated for 6 months +.

End of our tale.

Cost $59.00 View Demo

Angle WordPress theme

Angle Flat Responsive Bootstrap MultiPurpose Theme

I was quite smitten with this theme, it was certainly different at the time I purchased it back in 2014. I originally bought it for a company I worked for as I really like the way the portfolio shone through.

It’s good looking even now some 2 years down the line, it was relatively easy to use as well. It makes great use of the Visual Composer page builder plugin and offered a wealth of different layouts perfect for a variety of occasions and needs.

Plus it supports WooCommerce which was another bonus going for it. It’s been updated lately as well the last update was in March 2016. So the theme author still has a love for it 😉

Good looking and functional, if you’re looking for a creative looking website then Angle maybe just the ticket.

Cost $59.00 View Demo

Marketify WordPress theme

Checkout - WordPress eCommerce Theme

Another bright idea another purchase. I wanted to create my very own marketplace with Easy Digital Downloads and of course, needed a WordPress theme to do it justice.

So I elected to purchase the Marketify theme, as it is purely for setting up either your own digital marketplace or a Themeforest like a site.

Loved it, was easy to use and a joy to play around with. After using Jupiter for so long it was a bit of learning curve for me in that Marketify uses the native WordPress customizer. That being said it’s definitely, definitely worth looking into if you’re thinking of selling downloads only.

Easy to use and clean, with clearly defined calls to action and a great way to showcase your digital goodies. Worth a double take? Yeh for sure.

Cost $64.00 View Demo

Bi-Shop WooCommerce WordPress theme

Bi-Shop All In One: Ecommerce & Corporate theme

Notice a pattern forming? Yep, I have a view of the themes by this author! In fairness I had a couple of affiliate bucks from reviews I had written so wasn’t too bothered if it didn’t do what I wanted.

Just like the look of it. Had an affiliate website in mind using WordPress and WooCommerce. It suited my needs for the direction I wanted to go in.

Typically needs a caching plugin to get the most out of it and again typically performs well in search engines.

Again loads of features and what not I just didn’t enable every single one and it was a little bit quicker for it. Worth a look? Yeh, just be mindful as usual!Bloated? Yes.

Overly complicated, maybe. Good for SEO? Yes definitely. Once you overcome the hurdles and get used to the structure of it you could make a decent little sales or affiliate website out of it.

If you invest the time of course and use a caching plugin!!!

Cost $64.00 View Demo

Gauge WordPress theme

Gauge: Multi-Purpose Review Theme

I love games, being as old as the hills as I am I thought why not offer game reviews for the older generation? Well, I had a good look round for something that fit the bill.

I came across the Gauge theme, sure it looks like a certain other gaming websites (without mentioning names) but it was the functionality I liked.

The separation of content from publisher, platform, genre and such. It supports WooCommerce as well so thought it might be useful for offering recommendations with affiliate links to Amazon for games to buy. It’s by the same author who created the Gossip theme so confidence was at a hi.

I took it for a spin as a test on an old domain which wasn’t for games etc. Was mightily impressed with how much Google loves this theme, mightily.

If you’re looking to create mini gaming network/review site with WordPress then this is the theme for you. Loved it. May well use it again one day.

Supports WooCommerce, BuddyPress (social networking plugin) and has a great inbuilt review system and supports front-end posting. Check it out.

Cost $59.00 View Demo

Mindig WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Mindig: a Flat & Multipurpose Ecommerce Theme

Another entry for me for the YITH theme company. At the time there was not a lot of theme developers making themes that really catered for my idea of what an online store is like.

Hence the need to purchase yet another theme by YITH themes. Jeepers am I a sucker for punishment?? Well this one boasted better speed and such so I bought it. Already familiar with how these themes work.

Each theme by these developers gets better IMHO, tiny baby steps in improvements granted. Worth a look though. With each new theme developed by YITH they do improve. Also worth noting they have all been recently(ish) updated.

Are they worth looking into? Well yes, they are, just be very cautious as far as site speeds are concerned and research them if you’re on a shared host.

Cost $64.00 View Demo

DizzyMag WordPress theme

DizzyMag: Ad&Review ready magazine with portfolio

Another costume change. I wanted a new look for my site. I needed a newsy type theme that supported WooCommerce for theme & plugin recommendations and possibly BuddyPress.

I came across the DizzyMag theme on Themeforest and thought it might give me what I need. So I installed it on a dummy domain then followed a tutorial on uploading and re-jigging and such.

I like it in fairness was relatively straightforward to use and had plenty of features on offer, plus it supported all the things I needed it to.

However, one comment from a Reddit user a while ago on a link that was posted from my site to reddit (by someone else) noted that the design was exactly the reason why sites like mine should not exist. I took offense and could see there point, it was too noisy.

It’s only when someone else makes a remark do you see the truth so I uninstalled it and reverted back to the old theme. Just because it wasn’t for me and my style doesn’t mean it couldn’t fit in with yours.

It’s not been updated since October 2015 so er on the side of caution with this one. Or take a look at what else the theme author offers.

Cost $59.00 View Demo

Regency WooCommerce WordPress theme

Regency: A Beautiful & Modern Ecommerce Theme

Right, this is the last entry in the YITH WooCommerce online shop themes. This one was actually really quite good in fairness. I bought it to help someone else out and they disappeared into the ether.

Undeterred I played around with it and was pleasantly surprised. Out of all of the YITH WordPress themes, I own this one was the best so far.

Slooooow yet again but an improvement on previous themes, caching plugin needed. Offers a clean look and it’s easy to use a site admin, from a user perspective it’s easy to navigate and find the products you’re interested in.

It’s not been updated since October 2015 so er on the side of caution with this one. Or take a look at what else the theme author offers.

Cost $64.00 View Demo

Top News WordPress theme

Top News - WordPress News & Magazine Theme

Supports WooCommerce and is a good looking theme, probably the reason I bought it! I digress, Top News was purchased for another of my bright schemes.

I wanted to write about topics other than WordPress. However I didn’t have the content to do so, it was still in my mind pictures.

Yet to grace itself on the screen. For that reason alone I never used it properly it was always on the back burner for that day when I had the time.

I did tinker with it though and it was easy enough to use and looked quite nice I must say. It’s been updated as well the most recent update was March 2016. Check it out.

Top News supports WooCommerce and bbPress so if a news related website with a cart and a forum is your bag then take a look 😉

Cost $59.00 View Demo

Engine WordPress theme

Engine - Drag and Drop News Magazine

The Engine drag and drop WordPress theme. Another purchase another news related project thingy. Actually, I did have an awesome idea and I loved the segregation that the Engine theme gave with effectively mini sites for topics.

Plus the fact it was easy to use when I had a test install up and running. It supports WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and bbPress.

I will use this one day for my awesome idea, or maybe I won’t. I’m an indecisive beast if you didn’t know by now. I always meant to use the Engine WordPress theme, perhaps I will one day. I just like the fixed sticky bars on blog posts and the calls to action. It’s worth a look at the demo to see what I mean.

Cost $64.00 View Demo

SEO WP WordPress theme

SEO WP: Online Marketing, SEO, Social Media Agency

I purchased the SEO WP theme, not because of the blurb on it. Mainly due to I liked the way it was styled. It’s really clean and well laid out, I bought it back in 2014 when it first came out.

I had a play around with it and like it generally, the only thing I didn’t like was the live composer plugin. I just did not like the way it worked which put me off in fairness.

It’s been a while since I tried it again and it seems to be selling well plus the author is still supporting it, the last update was March 2016.

As with everything I’m sure the live composer works better now, just use caution and read the comments on Themeforest (as you should always do!).

Good looking and perfect for a service driven company. The demo hasn’t dated really since it was released back in 2014. Have a look at the demo if you like.

Cost $49.00 View Demo

SquareCode WordPress theme

SquareCode - Marketplace for Easy Digital Downloads

I actually liked this theme, I purchased it a while ago for another website that never got off the ground. I liked it because it was easy to use and looked the part.

The part is a digital marketplace for people to punt their digital wares. It works with Easy Digital Downloads and can be run as a solo shop or like I said a digital marketplace.

It’s worth a look, the author is a great guy and I follow him on Twitter, helpful chap and a good egg! Like I said I like the SquareCode theme, it’s well structured and was a joy to use and play around with. Great theme documentation as well, take the demo for spin? I would.

Cost $64.00 View Demo

Checkout WordPress theme

Checkout - WordPress eCommerce Theme

As I always like to shop around for WordPress themes with my plans of world domination which incidentally never happens. I did come across the Checkout theme, I rather liked it and used it on WPin.me for a while.

It’s great as a multi-vendor marketplace (which was one direction I went in) and allows people to submit products and such. The same as the SquareCode theme in fairness, Checkout runs Easy Digital Downloads as the eCommerce platform.

You cant lose with the clean design and layout. It’s a good looking theme and would be great for a marketplace for photographers and much more.

Cost $64.00 View Demo

 Thus endeth my WordPress list post

Hopefully I will have helped you find something out of the above based on experience of using them. I prefer to help rather than hinder in fairness and find honesty the best policy.

Sure there’s some duds in this post. Better me finding out with my money then you wasting your’s right? Yeh I thought so too. If only more people took a similar approach and helped rather than doing it for financial gain the world would be a better place.

No doubt filled with rainbows and unicorns prancing around the web plains. Anyways do you own any of the above?

Do you have a different opinion? Or at least have some advice on the themes and your own findings? Well, let me know with a comment.

Keen to find out what WordPress plugins I own?

UPDATE: Well now you can I’ve just finished a post on 31 WordPress Plugins I Own On CodeCanyon view it here.

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