What Is The Best MyThemeShop WordPress Theme?

It’s voting time, vote for the best MyThemeShop WordPress theme on WPin.me

I’m a big fan of MyThemeShop, in fact I’ve reviewed a couple of their themes now and not only are they great for page speed and search engine optimization, as well as being very easy to use.

As I’m a fan and I know there’s plenty of you out there that are too, I thought I’d open this up to a readers vote.

Here you can vote for the best MyThemeShop WordPress theme (of which there are many!) and leave a comment as to why you have upvoted a theme in particular.

Please do feel free to leave a link to your website with the theme you are using in the comment sections.

I’m really keen to see what you all have been creating using MyThemeShop themes so please do join in and vote and comment!

I’ve handpicked 11 standout MyThemeShop Themes

MyThemeShop has over 100 WordPress themes, it would be madness to list them all! So I’ve picked the ones either I’ve used, caught my eye or I’ve reviewed here on WPin.me

If there is a theme by MyThemeShop you think should be added to this list, please do leave a comment and I will do my best to add it to the list!

When voting on MyThemeShop WordPress themes

Simply click on the arrow underneath the theme listing and it will update accordingly so just remember to cast your vote and why not leave a comment as well!

  1. MyThemeShop Buy Now

    Love the Schema theme, this is the first theme I ever bought from MyThemeShop. In fact I reviewed it here if you'd like to read more about it.

    As ever I went in-depth, warts and all, take moment to read the review and make your mind if you'd like to grab a copy of it.

    Usage: Blogging, viral blogging, news, magazine website.

  2. MyThemeShop Buy Now

    Crypto is the latest theme from MyThemeShop, specifically geared towards those who love to blog about Cryptocurrencies, BitCoin and more.

    Usage: Perfect for Cryptocurrency related blogs and news sites.

  3. MyThemeShop Buy Now

    Lifestyle comes complete with 3 different header layouts, 3 post layouts and 4 pre-designed logos to help you get the set up you need.

    Couple this with MyThemeShops easy to use theme panel and you can create something a bit special with the Lifestyle theme.

    Usage: great for fashion bloggers, food bloggers, craft blogs and more. 

  4. MyThemeShop Buy Now

    Probably one of the most popular themes to come out of the MyThemeShop stable.

    Mainly thanks to it's viral like style, I've lost count the amount of times this themes been out in the wilds.

    As ever it's fast and SEO optimized, responsive and WooCommerce compatible if you fancied setting up a shop element for your website.

    Usage: Viral blogging, news, tech news.

  5. MyThemeShop Buy Now

    If having an Adsense optimized blog is your thing, then you'll be right at home with Ad-sense.

    SEO optimized, speed optimized and of course optimized for Adsense. With ad management, ad blocker detection and more. The Ad-sense theme is a great start for those looking to make money with Google Adsense.

    Usage: Blogging, tech blogging, fashion blogging, food blogging and more.

  6. MyThemeShop Buy Now

    Bridge has a range of layout options, is responsive and comes complete with a raft of features.

    With built in advertising spaces, parallax scrolling and more.

    Usage: Viral blogging, technology, news, sports and more.

  7. MyThemeShop Buy Now

    Dividend is a little bit of a beast in terms of functionality. It bills itself as more of a magazine style WordPress theme, with good reason.

    It has 7 different types of post layout, WooCommerce compatible, responsive and optimized for Adsense if you'd like to run adverts on your magazine website!

    Usage: Funnily enough, a magazine style website.

  8. MyThemeShop Buy Now

    The Newspaper theme does exactly what it says on the tin. With a great featured area showcasing your latest posts, clean layout and a great trending and latest filter on the front page.

    As usual Newspaper is built with search engines and page speed in mind, I actually this theme too and can say it's pretty darn decent!

    Usage: Blog, news site, viral blog, and more.

  9. MyThemeShop Buy Now

    I was lucky enough to play around with this theme thanks to the developer. Coupon is a great looking and easy to use theme for running your own coupon site promoting deals and savings etc.

    Fast and optimized for SEO, Coupon is definitely worth checking out if you're thinking of setting up a deal website!

    Usage: Coupon website, deals website.

  10. MyThemeShop Buy Now

    More of a traditional style magazine/news theme this one. Whilst relatively old fashioned looking, it shouldn't detract from what MyThemeShop offers.

    Namely, speed and SEO optimization, which is of paramount importance to achieve decent rankings in Google, bing etc, etc.

    Usage: News website or magazine style website.

  11. MyThemeShop Buy Now

    Interactive is a little bit busier than the norm from MyThemeShop. Whilst busy it may be it's still really easy to navigate.

    Interactive is best used for a tech blog, news site or fashion website, where content comes thick and fast.

    With a news ticker and 3 column layout, WooCommerce compatibility and responsive to boot, it's got all the assets to make a great looking website.

    Usage: Tech blog, news site, fashion site.


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