17 WordPress Blogs About WordPress Worth Reading

17 WordPress Related Blogs Worth A Mention (at the very least)

No blog cannot be complete without inspiration, I don’t care what niche your in, you will always need a source of ideas. I’m not talking about out and out copying a blog, I’m talking about blogs who inspire who push you on to new things, create a spark in that wee brain of yours. Push you further, evolving your own until you have something you can be proud of.

I regularly dip into the blogs below, not only are they a source of  information the likes of which you have never seen but they also provide me with that much needed inspiration to push the blog and myself onward and upwards.



Our tale begins with the one, the one that started it all. WPCandy was and is the source of my inspiration, packed full of WordPress goodies, Ryan has managed to create something that is well worth dipping into. I have been lucky enough to write for WPCandy, under the guise of Fuzzly.

Whilst my writing for WPCandy ended (due to my own fault) not a lack of commitment however but that of personal circumstance. My wife and I went our separate ways, needless to say I did enjoy writing for WPCandy and my articles can be seen here and here.

What I like about WPCandy is the passion, the fervent need to impart all the latest happenings to do with WordPress, that and the style of writing.

Hell I wouldn’t have decided to write a couple of rhymes for WPCandy if it were not for the fact my articles would fall on deaf ears.

If you get the chance or perhaps have not heard of WPCandy (I seriously doubt it though) then you would do well to heed there scripture for it tells of WordPress shenanigans to all and sundry. Plus you don’t have to be a whiz at WordPress to decipher their subsequent thoughts.




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Next on the list, is a particular fav of mine, WPLift. WPLift is run by an English gentleman who hails from the land of Manchester.

Whilst I will not hold that against the northern Monkey, I will however pay tribute to his scribblings. It’s run by one Oli Dale of Themefurnace fame, and is choc full of WordPress news, reviews and more. A talented chap indeed and if you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing his blog, let it meet your eyes like an old friend on Christmas morning.

Oli is nothing if not honest and regularly posts monthly updates on how his blog is fairing in the seas of the web. Full and frank diatribe ensues as is often the case with Mr Dale. I know not of another blog that treats it’s readers (save for mine) like real people, interaction is key and Oli delivers in spades.

Many of you will have no doubt heard of WPLift, however I feel that this blog needs to be shared as it’s insight knows no bounds. A constant source of inspiration and well worth a read for those looking to get to grips with the beloved WordPress.

WordPress Tutorials from Do It With WordPress
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Do It With WP

Well what can I say, alright Dave. Yes that’s right if you’re going to do it, Do It With WP. Dave is a strange beast, again hailing originally from these far shores we call Middle Earth (UK). Dave is a character at least on Twitter.

That being said what this chap doesn’t know about WordPress, well you get the rest. Despite his impish charm, Do It With WP is an interesting read.

Again a man not to be trifled with in the WP sphere, Dave has the innate ability to tell it like it is. His blog has a cult following, which I believe is detriment to his writing style and indeed his blog.

Facts and figures will maintain that Do It With WP, is not up there with the higher ranking blogs, however I care not for facts or figures, I care for what interests me and offers insight. Do It With WP delivers.


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Yoast Blog

The man the myth. Whilst looking like he should be working in some kind of maniacal lab, Yoast has provided life. I do not make him out to be some kind of Christ like figure you understand. However Yoast is a life giver, his plugin WordPress SEO, has breathed new life into blogs.

At least from a Google ranking point of view. I often delve into Yoast‘s blog, he does offer some well written and easy to understand posts on the power of SEO.

No blog (and I don’t care if your a Mashable or a TechCrunch) can ignore the power of SEO, thankfully Yoast simplifies the process, not only is his plugin legendary by plaudits standards it is easy to use. Plus reading his blog allows you to maximise your SEO efforts.

Without (might I add) an expensive SEO firm promising the Earth, then using the same plugin to promote the site. Read up, gen up. Yoast despite rhyming with Toast, has a tasty blog. Not the toast, although toast is quite tasty.


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WP Shout

Despite being run by a youngling WP Shout promises much and bears many a fruit. Run by a whippersnapper called Alex Denning WP Shout has been running since 2009. Much like WPin Alex is often apologetic about the lack of content on the site and encourages people to come back with the allure of newer fresher content.

Despite this WP Shout does offer some interesting blog posts, Alex’s skills as a blogger coupled with his knowledge of WP make him a formidable foe, much like Akuma.

His blog has some noteworthy posts and is well worth a read, what this cat doesn’t know about WP ain’t worth knowing, which leads me rather cunningly into the next site on my list. it’s only cunning if you have been reading the entire post.


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Cats Who Code

Cats Who Code, despite sounding like a sixties band doing an internship at IBM Cats Who Code offers some really interesting blog posts on WordPress. Whilst CWC is not WordPress centric it does offer some really useful info on WordPress, from snippets and other meanderings. CWC is (quite frankly) worth checking out.

Offering hacks and other useful posts on WP in general CWC is an a useful resource on WordPress coding, offering up posts on action filters, loops and more.


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WPMU may not be every ones cup of tea, however it does make an excellent read. Again if you are just getting into WordPress or interested in what it entails then WPMU is an excellent starting point. It does offer some excellent posts on WordPress themes, plugins and offers useful snippets and tutorials to enrich your wisdom.

With an active community of commentators and an awesome writing staff, WPMU is one of my favorites. I am not easily pleased, so that’s quite the recommendation. Once I got a pair of slippers for Xmas, I wasn’t pleased.


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A relative newcomer to the WordPress blogs about WordPress type thing. However WPLiving is a great read, I have been lucky enough to converse with the site owner and he is how you say, a good egg.

Why do I like WPLiving? I like the structure of the blog and more importantly it’s content, if you haven’t heard of WPLiving know it’s name now, for it shall be etched in the annals of WordPress time.

Mark my words, it really is an excellent read, and worth signing up to the newsletter, subscribe you fools subscribe. Also worth noting that WPLiving offers some rather natty YouTube video tutorials and overviews of WordPress themes, check them out?


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Don your chefs hat, break open a tupperware box and let the exotic spices breathe. That’s right it’s WPRecipes, run by the same gentleman who runs Cats Who Code is here.WPRecipes is a relative melting pot of delicious snippets and WordPress tutorials.

Expect a full course menu of delectable treats on WPRecipes, if your into WordPress and understand it’s intricacies then WPRecipes is your cookbook a guide if you will, so turn the oven up, put on some soft rock and enjoy the blog.


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Paul Lund

Paulund.co.uk now this one some of you may well have not heard of before. Your missing a treat, truly. Paul’s blog is all based around WordPress, CSS3 & HTMl5.

You will note that his tutorials section is busting at the seams, the wealth of info here is a little overwhelming.

In fairness I like to be overwhelmed with tutorials, rather that than the odd scant post, if you’re into learning more about WP via a series of helpful tutorials and like the odd snippet or two then check out Paul’s site, you won’t regret it.


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How do you like your WordPress blog about WordPress sir? Kubed you say? That’s weird. Well no not really WPKube is another noteworthy site, with tutorials, news, snippets, giveaways and more WPKube is an eye opener.

It’s run by a chap called Devesh, who in all fairness comes across as a rather splendid fellow, knowledgeable and his blog has a growing audience which shows no sign of abating. If your looking for something a little different then check out WPKube.


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Another site you may not heard of that you really should take a look at is WPinsite. WPinsite offers a wealth of information, from free WordPress theme listings, tutorials and other wares. If your looking to venture off the beaten track of WordPress blogs and looking for something new then WPinsite is worth a double take.


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WP Tavern

This blog needs no introduction if you use WordPress, then you will no doubt have heard of it. In fact if you spend a lot of time in the backend of WordPress then you will have seen a feed with updates for WPTavern.

Yes that’s right WPTavern, the discerning WordPress users blog. This particular site is a dynamite read, with everything in between relating to WordPress, it has an incredible following and deservedly so.

Offering an honest opinion in the world of WordPress Jeffro can be outspoken which to be honest with you is a breath of fresh air in blogs about WordPress.

With an active audience all participating in his lastest posts, WPTavern is a must read, if you haven’t read his blog yet, read it. If you have, keep reading.


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Specky Boy

Ok, so Speckyboy magazine isn’t all about WordPress however (there is always a however) a look through the WordPress section throws up some real gems. Coding tips and more are there for reading, as well as that it is a veritable banquet of design related blog posts with awesome tutorials and interesting news items Speckyboy is deserved of a read at the very least.

Speckyboy does have a phenomenal following and it’s hard not to see why, with more posts on design, roundups, tuts, freebies than I care to remember Speckyboy should be on your lists of blogs to visit.


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WP Engineer

Getting into the guts of WordPress can prove difficult especially if your a newbie, however once you are familiar with WordPress then WPEngineer is a lifesaver. Offering plenty of posts on functions, great tutorials and an audience all chipping in with their respective thoughts WPEngineer is the next evolutionary step up once you have familiarized yourself with WP. Bookmark it and dip into it’s pool of wisdom, bathe in it’s glory.


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WP Beginner

Again another site that needs no introduction, hey I don’t want to teach you all to suck eggs, however if your a looking to get into WP in general this should be your first stop. Whilst my blog is more about the consumer side of WordPress as a whole, buying themes, plugins etc. WPBeginner is a reference point, for those unfamiliar with WP or even those who are it serves up great posts on WordPress, resources, tutorials and a lot more.

WPBeginner is well written and does not treat people like idiots, it offers honest opinions and useful tutorials. Check em out.


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Pippin’s Plugins

Last but by no means least it’s Pippins Plugins. I have had the pleasure of speaking to Pippin on several occasions via twitter and email and would consider him a cyber friend (if that’s a thing). Pippins Plugins doesn’t just make the list because I know him (sort of).

It’s made the list due to the fact the site is stuffed full of useful info. Pippin is a talented coder and has made some awesome plugins in his time, it’s always a pleasure to read his blog. Offering up questions and answering readers queries, Pippin provides valuable insight from the perspective of coding. Although he does deliver his posts in a manner that does not alienate the non coders. A worth addition and well worth a look, check out Pippins Plugins.

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Thanks For Reading People, Thanks For Reading

The list above is in no real preferential order I hasten to add, these are the blogs I read, I read them all because they offer so much in terms of WordPress knowledge. If your looking to get into WP or are in a big way then the above you will more than likely be reading. Hopefully there might be one or two that you have not heard of and find something of interest and of use to you in your journey in the good ship WordPress.

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I value Your Input

Do you have a favorite WordPress blog about WordPress? Then why not enlighten our readers with your input, please note comments are moderated so any spammy junk will be immediately dismissed as exactly that. Chime in have your say and list something worth listing.

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