37 Killer Keyboard Shortcuts For WordPress You Should Know

37 Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts For The WordPress Post Editor

If your anything like me you will no doubt spend lots of time in the WordPress post editor, if you have read my latest review of WordPress 4.1 then you will no doubt know that WordPress has had an overhaul in terms of the said post editor.

Everything is within reach now and your never to far away from adding in bold or underlines or whatever your heart fancies. However. What some of you may not know is you don’t even have to click on the toolbar to change content.

Say Whaaaat? All This Time I Never Knew…

Yes all this time you may well have been highlighting text etc then clicking on the post editor to make changes. Well with these useful keyboard shortcuts not only will it help reduce time it will make content creation that little bit easier.

Keyboard Letter & Commands

aSelect allxCut
uUnderlinekInsert/edit link

The following shortcuts use different access keys: Alt + Shift + letter. Macintosh uses Ctrl + Alt + letter.

1Heading 12Heading 2
3Heading 34Heading 4
5Heading 56Heading 6
nCheck SpellinglAlign Left
jJustify TextcAlign Centre
dStrikethroughrAlign Right
u ListaInsert/edit link
o1. ListsRemove link
qQuotemInsert Image
wDistraction-free writing modetInsert More Tag
pInsert Page Break taghHelp
xAdd/remove code tag

Focus shortcuts:

Alt + F8Image toolbar (when an image is selected)
Alt + F9Editor menu (when enabled)
Alt + F10Editor toolbar
Alt + F11Elements path

To move focus to other buttons use Tab or the arrow keys. To return focus to the editor press Escape or use one of the buttons.

Here Is The Sickener

If you did not know about the above here is the real kicker. They’ve been there the whole time. I know right? You see that little circle with a question mark in your WordPress post editor? Well if actually clicked on it you would have discovered the above.

Now Here’s The Real Question:

How many of you knew about that?

Probably a few of you (well I hope so) for those who do not, feel free to bookmark this page or print it off and stick it your terminal for future reference! I know I have 😉

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