April 2018 On WPin.me Web Traffic Results & More

I used to do these posts a while ago, the old monthly roundup. I thought I might start it up again as a way to benchmark my progress and to show others how the blog is progressing if of course, people care to note.

So this is the first post in a monthly series, it will chart my stats on WPin, how I’m doing in terms of traffic and such. I’m not going to post revenue figures or anything like that, I used to, personally, I find it a little vulgar to a degree.

So it’s all about the traffic, sorry to disappoint!

April 2018 Traffic from Google

Web stats April 2018

Web stats April 2018

The total amount of visits in April 2018: 1745

Clears throat, waits for the laughter to die down. Yes, they are my traffic stats! I’m not the most popular blog about WordPress, sure I’ll admit that! But it’s a start. WPin has been around for a while now I think I started it in 2012 give or take a year or two.

It’s my constant tinkering and playing around that’s cost me, if I’d stuck to my guns and carried on as much as I should have done there would have been a shed load more traffic to show you.

But that’s the problem with a butterfly mind, it flits, on to the next big idea, and then failing epically!

I’ve got back into blogging again in a big way in April, and it’s showed, especially (see the image above) from the 23rd of April when I published this monster review of the Gutenberg Editor!

The post took 2 days, and I tried to go as in-depth as possible, I must admit I did have fun. What happened after I published the post?Β Well, it received a bunch of tweets and was submitted on ManageWP!

It was the tweets and kind words from people that struck a nerve with me, people actually read it and saw value in it:

Great to see people like the post! I even got a mention in the Gutenberg times and a mention in their email newsletter which sent another load of traffic to the post. Happy days!

It’s still drawing traffic now, and it’s May πŸ™‚

Top 10 performing posts/pages on WPin

WPin.me For WordPress Users By A WordPress User – home pageΒ – 465 visits
Gutenberg Editor Review By A WordPress User & Tutorial For GutenbergΒ – 310 visits
How To Add A Register / Login Link In WooCommerceΒ – 225 visits
How To Hide Prices In WooCommerce For FREE Simple Catalog ReviewΒ – 216 visits
WordPress Theme Finder Search & Compare WordPress ThemesΒ – 117 visits
How To Build Your Own Amazon Affiliate Shopping Cart With WordPress – 104 visits

WPin.me Blog Reviews, News, Tips & Tutorials & More – blog page – 84 visits
13 Free Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins Worth Checking Out – 80 visits
WordPress User News, Curated Content Submitted By You & Me – 65 visits

The above is just some of the posts that generated traffic in the month of April, there are more posts, but these are the ones that got the most.

Other web traffic results

Visitors – 1745
New users – 1721
Page views – 4221
Pages per session – 2.02
Average session – 00:02:01
Bounce rate: 79.43%

All in all really happy with the above, it shows people are coming and staying on the site and having a root around!

Social media visits to WPin

Twitter – 68
Facebook – 29
reddit – 13
WordPress – 6
Pocket – 3
YouTube – 2

Great to see Twitter is ruling the roost in terms of generating traffic, above all else I prefer Twitter, I cannot stand Facebook, I can’t ignore Facebook you understand it’s huge I just don’t like the platform at all. For me, Twitter is where I engage the most with people and forge new relationships and find interesting articles and inspiration. You can follow me on Twitter here if you like!

It’s hard to gauge anything at the moment as it’s the first in the series of roundups, I will, of course, compare April to May once May is done. Hopefully, we will see an uplift, and I’ll go into what I did and didn’t do in next months roundup!

How did you get on in April?

Let me know how your blog got on in April, maybe we can share some ideas and bounce off of each other! Just leave a comment πŸ™‚


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