Q. Do you buy WordPress themes & plugins from GPL Resellers?

It’s a bone of contention for many, some don’t mind the reselling of GPL compliant WordPress plugins or themes others vehemently decree their disdain of them. I’m a consumer of WordPress and I buy themes and plugins from various sources, marketplaces and such.

Have I bought plugins from a GPL reseller? Yes. There you go, I admit it. I purchased some themes & plugins from a GPL reseller. No point in lying, why did I commit such a heinous act in some peoples eyes?

Well, I wanted to review them and try them out to see if they were even worth reviewing or potentially using further down the line. Whilst many will remark you should have contacted the developers first, not everyone comes back to you and such. Hence why I have done, what I have done.

I’m not proud of it, however, I find it better to be upfront than to sit on my moral high horse grazing in a field of whimsy.

GPL Resellers are everywhere now

It’s a sound business model, right? Or should I say EASY business model? I could do it right now if I wanted to, take all the GPL compliant themes and plugins I actually own whip up an eCommerce site using WooCommerce and start punting other developers products.

All I have to do is set a knockdown price per WordPress product or set a monthly amount for a ‘membership’ obviously I won’t offer any support for the WordPress products and if people really want support they should go and buy the plugin/theme from the original developer.

This seems to be the business model in place for all GPL reselling websites.

The shroud of anonymity

It’s no secret that a majority of GPL reselling websites have scant contact details or opt out of a whois search when digging deeper. Why? Well, it could be one of two reasons:

A) The fear of a backlash from the original developers and being outed or B) They will have there account revoked and will have to sign up again to a theme/plugin company that offers GPL compliant products. So they can buy them again, download them and offer them up to other members.

Chances are one of your customers runs a GPL reselling site

Yup. It’s true, chances are if you’re a theme developer or plugin developer one of your customers is costing you money. There, there you go. One of those individuals who buy from you is reselling your WordPress product under your nose.

Or at the very least has a network of people it offers a kickback to in exchange for the latest plugin/theme update.

Who buys from WordPress GPL reselling sites?

I can only surmise that it’s people with a bit of savvy. Not in terms of saving money savvy but WordPress savvy. Make sense? No? Ok, I’ll explain, by virtue WordPress GPL reselling sites have a strict no support clause in the sales of GPL compliant products.

This, in turn, means the types of people buying from them are confident with WordPress nay proficient with WordPress. I can’t imagine a WordPress noob is going to buy from them without support. Can you? I mean the types of people who are general consumers probably don’t even know what GPL or reselling websites are.

I’m going to give away every single GPL compliant WordPress product I own

Yup I could do that. I could simply avoid going down the eCommerce route and see a massive surge in traffic by offer GPL products for free. Or simply hooking up a product to a pay with a Facebook like or Tweet, thus ensuring an influx of people visiting the site!

I’m not going to, so if the above statement gave you a bit of wood I’m sorry.

My question is this: Have you bought from a GPL reseller?

I’d like to throw this out to you the reader. Have you purchased from a GPL reselling website? Would you do it again? Would love to get your feedback on your experience, whether you pour scorn on the practice or whether it has helped you make an informed purchasing decision from the actual developer further down the line. Either way please leave a comment with your thoughts and feedback.

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