Have you activated JetPack Photon?

Loading Images From WordPress.com Content Delivery Network – Hello Jetpack Photon.

Jetpack is a little bit of a bone of contention with some in the WordPress community, some love it some think it’s a pain in the rear. I use it, I like it. Every now and again (if you have it installed) you will see updates in your WordPress backend. So I updated to the most recent version of Jetpack and low and behold something of REAL interest appeared.

Whilst I admit I am not at the level to require a CDN (Content Delivery Network) some of my images in posts can take a while to load. So looking for various plugins to quell page load etc and offer a faster experience for visitors has always been a little hit and miss for me personally.

Jetpack ‹ WPin — WordPress

However I did read with interest about Jetpacks latest addition Photon. Photon is a new addition to the Jetpack suite for WordPress, essentially it loads blog post images from WordPress.com instead of your own web host, which in turn lends itself to a faster experience to those viewing your blog.

Decreased bandwidth on page loads (especially those with lots of images) can be a real issue for your web host and of course more importantly for your visitors. The beauty of Photon is that once activated it does all the work for you. You do not need to do anything to your theme, make any changes to code etc.

WordPress.com Goes Down What Happens To My Pretty Pictures?

My first concern was what if (a big what if) the WordPress CDN went down? Would my site be full of lots of empty white space where images should be? Well I have no firm answer on that. However if it did go down, you could just deactivate the Jetpack addon and your site would be serving images from it’s own web server.

So relatively simple, as I mentioned no complex code changes no need to anything save for activating it and leaving it to run! I like simple, not that I am simple, but if WordPress keep adding additions like this that are incredibly easy to use and a real benefit to your blog and your visitors, then me I’m all for Jetpack.

Have you installed Jetpack Photon?

If you have, have you noticed a major increase in speed on your blog? Do you like the simplicity of it? Are you reluctant to add it to your blog? Why not leave a comment and let us discuss it?

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