How do you sell WordPress themes on Themeforest??

Arrgh I I haven’t Sold My Theme on Themeforest Yet

Themeforest is awash with WordPress themes and plugins, being a giant online marketplace for digital wares Themeforest has grown year on year and shows no signs of abating. How do you stand out as a WordPress theme developer?

Aside from creating a kick-ass theme or WordPress plugin that the world needs what makes your theme or plugin so special? Why should any of us WordPress consumers even entertain purchasing your latest creation?

Social Media – Promoting Your Theme

Perhaps you’ve engaged in social media, twitter, Facebook, G+ and such. Engaging with your following (or if you’re new) trying to create a following. You may well have even launched a paid for promotion on twitter, Facebook and so forth.

Advertising On Google (Google Adwords)

You may well have even spent some money on advertising your new WordPress theme or WordPress plugin and created lovely adverts to be shown around the web with sponsored keywords and more. Expensive huh? Yup it sure is.

So what can you do to ensure your theme sells?

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my theme about?
  • Who is it geared towards?
  • Is my WordPress theme a jack of all trades or fit for a specific niche?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Will my theme/plugin documentation read like war and peace?

With a clear idea (in fairness this should be done at the concept/design phase) of how to position your new WordPress theme or plugin be it as a new seller or existing you really need to be as clear as day. You REALLY do.

Why? The people you are selling to at least a fair portion of them will be using Themeforest for a new look for their business or blog. The problem is some people are relatively inexperienced with WordPress (having been told to use WP because it’s good) and thing it’s a piece of cake to use.

There is a learning curve to WordPress it’s not rocket science, however as I mention a lot of people just expect to hit install and it looks like the demo. You then seen countless comments under some themes with questions such as:

Q. I’ve installed the WordPress theme and it looks nothing like yours can you fix it please?

These types of comments will create a suspicious atmosphere around your theme or WordPress plugin page. You don’t want that and your potential customers sure as hell do not need to see that.

Want to know the biggest reason WordPress themes fail to sell on Themeforest?

It’s soooo simple and it’s a valid reason and no doubt other Themeforest consumers will probably agree with me. The main contributing factor to lack of theme/plugin sales is the actual product page itself.

I have lost count, quite literally lost count the amount of times I have seen this. Poor product descriptions and a real lack of visibility on what the theme can do.

Couple that with the fact I’ve seen some theme listings on Themeforest where the demo does not even work!

Doesn’t instil confidence does it? By ensuring you have all the bases covered a strong and descriptive product description a well thought out sales pitch and a good looking well structured demo url you should sell.

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