How To Add WooCommerce To A Genesis Child Theme

Using the Genesis Framework? Want to add WooCommerce to it? Read on…..

This really is just a quick tutorial on how to integrate WooCommerce to a Genesis child theme. I know it works as I’m using it here on WPin for the WordPress theme & plugin directory!

If you’re using the Genesis framework you might not be aware or have come across this post searching for the answer how can I add WooCommerce to my child theme? Well the answer is incredibly simple and very straight forward, in fact it shouldn’t take any more than two minutes!

Shall we begin adding WooCommerce to the Genesis framework?

Great stuff, what you will need to get up and running is the following plugin: Genesis Connect for WooCommerce it’s a free plugin and simply put gives you the ability to run WooCommerce with your Child theme.

Go grab the plugin from here, or if you want to search from you’re admin search for ‘Genesis Connect for WooCommerce’ whichever way you fancy!

*It is worth noting that the plugin has not been updated for three months and that it currently only supports up to version 4.2.5 (I’m using 4.3.1 at the time of writing and it works A o.k.)

Once you have the plugin you will be greeted upon activation of the plugin that it in fact cannot be installed, that’s because you need to add a line of code to your child themes functions.php file.

The code it gives you is:  add_theme_support( 'genesis-connect-woocommerce' );

All you have to do is via an FTP client (I use FileZilla, it’s free and awesome) or if you want to do it via the WordPress admin you can. This can be done via the menu item Appearance > Editor (see screenshot below for an example).

However I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE YOU BACK UP YOUR FUNCTIONS.PHP FILE!!!! Just in case you get the code wrong or place it in the wrong place!

How to add WooCommerce To A Genesis child theme

The code the plugin gives you in place

I simply placed the code at the bottom of the child themes functions.php file and copied the code verbatim that the plugin gives you. You could cut and paste the code I have used if you wish, however as time goes on this code could change and I’d hate for you to put improper code in your child themes functions.php file!

Now reactivate the Genesis connect plugin and voila, you can now use WooCommerce on your Genesis child theme! That was quick fix right? Told you so! Now go and grab WooCommerce and enjoy it 😉

Wait the Genesis Connect Plugin doesn’t give you a native shop sidebar!

Well no it doesn’t, what do you want blood? You’re quite demanding aren’t you? Well panic not there is also another way to add a new sidebar that is dedicated specifically for WooCommerce pages.

Guess what? It’s another plugin and yup I use it here on WPin, see the difference on these pages > Blog Page > Directory page. Notice anything different? 

Well done you, that’s right the sidebar is different. All you need to do is this (don’t worry you don’t need to know how to code) search via the admin back end in the add new plugins section: WooSidebars or download it from WordPress here.

Once installed you will have a new admin menu item in the Appearance section called: Widget Areas all you have to do is create a new widget area call it whatever you want Shop Sidebar etc. See the image below for an example:

New Shop sidebar for Genesis child theme using WooSideBars

New Shop sidebar for Genesis child theme using WooSideBars

You will notice from the image above that I have ticked all the boxes for WooCommerce, this is all you need really do, as this section covers every element of WooCommerce so it’s nice and easy to follow. Choose the sidebar to replace from your current Genesis child theme (typically the main sidebar that is prevalent throughout your site).

Once you have created the widget area, simply visit your widgets section via the Appearance menu, find your new sidebar called (whatever you decided) and start adding widgets.

You now have your very own dedicated WooCommerce sidebar, so you can list product categories, filters, special offers and more. That wasn’t difficult either was it?

I’m probably teaching you to suck eggs here

You may well know how to do this already, I don’t know! I just thought it might be worthwhile sharing what I have done for those who might be put off using Genesis as it doesn’t offer native WooCommerce support.

Well now you can enjoy the Genesis Framework and the child themes as well as adding WooCommerceI hope it helps you.

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