Job Engine A Job Board WordPress Theme Review

Run Your Own Job Board? Hello Job Engine Let Us Delve Into Your Pleasures [Review]

As ever you can trust me to tell it EXACTLY like it is. I always review themes from the perspective I have spent the money myself (in fact in most cases I do!) so what can you expect from the Job Engine WordPress Job Board theme thingy-me-jig.

WordPress as a job board? That’s Job Engine a job board WordPress theme

Well Job Engine is developed by a company called Engine Themes a relative newcomer to the WordPress theme sphere and I received an email asking if I would like to review it etc, etc. Which I must profess I do like it when I get asked to review themes and plugins. Anyhoo what does Job Engine promise? Well according to their website it promises the following:

Easy Setup & Customization
Front End Controls
Beautiful Design
A Dedicated Mobile site included
Easy To Set Up

Well all good things I am sure you will agree. In fact I have been playing with it now for about 8 hours today (I am on holiday) and I must confess was rather excited at the prospect of adding a job board to WPin as a value added service and potential revenue generator plowing the money generated back in to the site.

I even set up a new folder to house it in installed WordPress 3.5 and got stuck in.

So off I go and install the theme and give it a thorough going through to make sure it’s suitable for my needs. Early signs are good. Installation was an absolute breeze, can’t fault that. Installation gives you a new menu item called ‘Engine Settings’

Job Engine Settings

Say Hello To Job Engines Setup Wizard

It’s here you can configure your job board to your liking. There are lots of options to choose from, however I recommend you go through the set up wizard itself, this will help you no end and give you might I add a flavor of how the system operates in terms of administration.

The administration of the Job Engine theme may seem alien to you, in fact it did me. Everything is AJAX based for smooth transition between settings (much like the whole front end) so changing things is simple enough.

Job engine Set Up Wizard

As you can see from the above admin screen the Setup Wizard is selected and we have options for branding, content, Payment and a rather handy Install sample data button, which you guessed it will fill your install with new jobs. Which is very useful for newbies not familiar with the system and of course will again go some way to provide you with an understanding of how the theme works on the whole.

Well that’s pretty much the back end wrapped up of Job Engine from an administration point of view, would you like to see more about the front end?

Well any other changes you wish to add can actually be done from the front end.  A little bit fiddly? Well you could argue that, but then in fairness it’s very easy to change the front end. Very.

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Visual Front End Customisations For Job Engine

Front end customisation Job engine

No complex CSS hacks for choosing a color scheme, background image or anything like that for Job Engine. You can click on the little cog that is on the left hand side of the screen when you are logged in and change colors, page backgrounds, font sizes, choose a new font, change link colors and more.

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Job Engine Front End Administration

You will probably have noticed unlike other job board solutions for WordPress, that there is no real physical ‘post section’ for jobs. You know what I mean where a menu is added on the left in the WP back end to edit custom post types etc.

edit a job-on Job Engine From Front End

There is a reason for this. All administration can be done from the front end of the site if you are logged in as an admin. You can approve or reject jobs, edit jobs, delete jobs and more. You can do this from the Engine Theme admin panel as well if you wish to, but if you wanted a real-time view from the front end then you can change at will.

Personally I love this feature as you get a real feel for what is going on with your site. Pending jobs can be viewed as if you were an actually job seeker, so you get a feel as to whether or not the job listing is right for your site, you don’t have to go digging into a post and editing via the back end, you can simply click edit, edit the job then make it live. It’s incredibly simple to do so.

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What About From A Companies Perspective?

Well this is of course one of the most important elements of running a job site, the ease of use of posting a job. Thankfully it is not laborious affair and adding a job is incredibly easy to do so. Ease of use for employers equals less pain, quicker job posts and dare I say it if it’s that easy to use they may well post more?

Adding a job as a company is done via a rather elegant system with three easy steps (three if you are not already registered!) two if you are!:

Choosing the price plan, this where your pricing plans you set up earlier comes into play! Entering in the job details, via the easy to use system (see pic below)

Job Details for Job Engine

The above is all very self explanatory and for job posters gives an overview of what is required in order for them to add in a job. With details on job type, job category, company name, logo etc. Worth noting that you can add in a location for the job as well. A small bug I have found is that under Job Location where it says you can leave it blank, you can’t. It will not allow you to continue unless you enter in a geographic location as to where the job is actually based.

I have informed Engine Themes of this via email so they do actually know about it, I wouldn’t let it put you off though as Job Engine does appear to be updated quite regularly.

job application via Job EngineApplying for a job on a job board needs to be as equally easy for applicants.

With a beautiful interface for applying (see pic on left) applying for a job post on your Job Engine powered website is so easy to do.

No more logins for applying no ties to register to apply simply see the job you like click apply (or what ever you name the button for applying through the translation settings) add a description upload your resume or CV click submit or whatever you have called it and that’s it.

The job poster gets notified, you get notified as an admin. Simple, effective and easy to do.

I have played with other job board solutions or ‘app themes’ as they are affectionately known, ‘app themes’ completely change the way your WordPress install works.

As I outline earlier it is unfair to call this a Job Board WordPress theme as it is so much more than that. Sure it does have a few bugs, no point in glossing over it but as a first attempt from a new WordPress theme provider, it really is quite remarkable, it really is.

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Fancy A Mobile Version Of Your Job Board?

Don’t worry Job Engine has you covered. Rather than being a responsive Job Board theme, some could be turned off by this. However due to the nature of the Job Engine ‘app theme’ the mobile version is rather beautiful to say the least.


The above screens show how elegant the interface is for mobile users, what it will not show you is the smooth transition between pages, the ease of use to search for a job role. So effectively you are getting two WordPress Job board ‘themes’ for your money.

The only downside to the mobile version is you cannot apply for a job you can share them on Facebook, Share them on Twitter or send via an email or send yourself an email reminder. In fairness I have never really applied via job from a mobile device and would feel more comfortable doing it on a desktop as I am sure most of you would do to.

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Other Features & Notes On Job Engine

There are other features to this theme such as filterable job searches for end users which adds a real professional feel to the your site from both a customer viewpoint and a job searcher. It’s hard not to be impressed by the theme (sorry app theme) want to add in social media profiles? Fine do it from the back end, want to add in Google analytic’s for tracking? Yup crosses that box via the back end.

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