Layered Popups WordPress Plugin Review

Layered Popups WordPress Review

Every now and again a WordPress plugin comes along that grabs your attention.Layered Popups for WordPress is one of those. Fancy animated pop ups to display a message, special offer or subscribe by email?

Then Layered Popups for WordPress promises just that. It’s a brand new plugin available on CodeCanyon which allows you to display rather nifty animated popups to your visitors.

Those of you familiar with email subscriber capture are probably using something that you are more than happy with, however if you wanted to capture email subscribers or indeed offer something a little bit different then you would do well to delve into Layered Popups for WordPress.

It’s different and in all fairness is rather sexy in terms of how it displays, eye catching to say the least. In fact you may well have seen the demo just by visiting this page!

It does take some fooling around with to get it just right however one you have got it up and running and aids itself well to showing new and exciting news and more.

Unfortunately I do not have any hard and fast stats for you with how many people signed up via email (wish I did) however it’s only been live for a couple days and has not had the time it deserves to work out fair results.

However and as always I do say however, it’s a great way to encourage sign ups in a new unique way. Want a colorful popup that captures attention, you got it.

Want to animate it so each slide comes into play sliding up, down, left, right, fading in even? You got it. With lots of options for the creation of Layered Popups the only thing stopping you to a degree is your imagination!

Sshhh don’t tell anyone…

I found this out by accident, Layered Popups supports Javascript i.e. you can put a Facebook like button in their, Twitter follow, Retweet etc. Mind you if you have seen my demo of Layered Popups you would know that already.


Offers the ability to generate imaginative popups with a variety of options.
Easy integration with the likes of MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse and Campaign Monitor.
Simple interface for creation of new Layered Popups, it’s a case of ensuring you set the correct slide ID to ensure the correct order.
Animation settings, length of animation, timings of animations (when they slide in etc).


The ability to add a different slider per page or post.
The ability to choose a popup for a post and being relative to that post or indeed would make this a killer popup indeed.
Shortcode support wouldn’t go a miss either.

Layered Popups WordPress plugin

The plugin is available to purchase from CodeCanyon, it's definitely worth a look if you're looking for an inexpensive popup solution

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