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Login Designer Plugin For WordPress Review

Have you ever wanted to create a custom WordPress login page?

Perhaps you’re running a business, be it a web design agency or you just like to keep everything on point. Have your logo everywhere and create something that’s unique to you.

Standard WordPress login page begone, say hello to Login Designer, a WordPress login page customizer.

Before I begin, I must make an admission, I actually submitted the Login Designer to ProductHunt under my other PH profile. Mainly because I thought it was pretty darn awesome.

Login Designer On Product Hunt

Suffice to say it sky rocketed in popularity, reaching the number 5 product of the day upon submission and has well over 300 votes! Which tells me two things, A) the plugin is great and B) it addresses a need a real need.

About the Login Designer

The Login Designer plugin was actually created by a chap called Rich Tabor, owner of Themebeans a WordPress theme & plugin business.

I’ve spoken to Rich via email a number of times now and can honestly say he knows his onions, to say the least. So I was excited when he told me about this plugin for WordPress.

The Login Designer aims to make customization of the standard WordPress login page a breeze, so just how easy is Login Designer to use?

Setting up the Login Designer plugin

Much like any other plugin (which incidentally you can download Login Designer from the WordPress repo here), it’s a simple case of navigating via the WP backend and just add new plugin and search for Login Designer. Or visit the official WordPress website for the plugin.

Login Designer Getting started

Once the plugin is installed just head on over to the Login Designer, it’s a new addition to your appearance menu in the back end. It’s where the magic happens.

Let’s take a look at the customizer

Those of you accustomed to making changes in your WordPress powered website will be right at home here.

By and large due to the fact Login Designer uses the native WordPress customizer to handle the tinkering of your login page.

Login Designer settings

As you can see from the above screenshot, it’s quite simplistic. This isn’t a dig at the Login Designer plugin, not at all. It’s just easier without all the guff a billion options right out of the gate.

What I like about the plugin is the ability to drill down, you’ll see what I mean in a second. Let’s click on templates.

Template designs in Login Designer

There are actually 2 additional templates, the first one is the standard WordPress admin login. The other two come with the plugin itself and allow you to set a base to work from.

So if you’d like to make small amends you could use the first option, want to go to town? Then choose the others. Drilling down again we can make quite a few changes.

It’s not entirely obvious how you make changes on first glance, by clicking on the icons all becomes clear.

Styles in Login Designer

By clicking on the first pencil icon, the customizer option page will in fact change. It’s here you can change the background colour, set the width, side padding, vertical padding, border radius (curved edges of the login box) and whether or not you want a shadow effect.

See below for some of the effects working:

Curved box with shadow effect

Moving on to the second pencil icon:

Second icon settings

The second pencil icon deals with images, I’ve chosen the second template as I like the login on the left. Here you can upload a new image for the background or choose one of the backgrounds the plugin comes with.

There’s actually 9 to choose from.

The first being just a background color should you choose not to add an image at all.

The settings underneath this are all self-explained. You can choose to repeat the background, tile it, tile it horizontally or vertically.

The size setting has three options which deal with auto, cover (the whole background is covered) or contain it. Underneath this, we can choose to show the image as an attachment.

You can either have it fixed or indeed scrolled. In fairness on scroll really won’t do anything unless you have made your login box really big.

Lastly, we have an option to deal with the position of the image itself, these include: left top, left center, left bottom, right top, right center, right bottom, center top, center bottom, and center center.

You can even change the form field colors

Form Fields

By clicking on the form fields you can actually change the background color of the form fields. As well as a whole host of other options such as size font size, spacing, shadow effects and more.

What about the text at the bottom of the login box?

Choosing font colour for bottom of login box

Yes, you can change that too. Simply click on the area below the login form and you can, in fact, change the color of the text that says: Lost your password.

Here you can change the font, size, color, position and choose whether or not you’d even like to show the text for the lost password or indeed the back to link text.

This is incredibly handy especially if you have a strong image or color and the text is barely legible. Or just simply turn off the text!

Adding your logo to the WordPress login page

Add your logo in final step

Ok so my logo is massive! I should have made it smaller! Anyway, by clicking on the WordPress logo itself you can add your own logo. Simply upload and away you go.

You can also change the URL this image points to via the drop down, simply choose a page to go to, so you could point it to your homepage or leave it blank.

There’s also an option for spacing below the logo so you can tinker with it, to get it just right. Or if you really wanted to you could just disable the logo all together!

The future of Login Designer

As the base version of Login Designer is free it will be extendable through premium purchases. Rich has already stated that there will be more coming, such as new features, templates and more.

I for one am looking forward to seeing how Login Designer evolves over time. The plugin as is is fantastic and a breeze to use.

What would make Login Designer the number one choice for styling the WordPress login?

As with anything, there are always ways you can make things better. It’s hard to point anything out to improve on the Login Designer itself.

For me to make this a killer Login Designer plugin would be the ability to add in social media icons and link them, or perhaps even add in a subscribe box for email signups.

These are tiny points, in fairness how many people would click on the social media links or even sign up via email is minimal, so it’s not a massive issue at all, far from it. Just my ten cents.

How knows, they might get added in as features in the future?

9.8 Total Score
Login Designer Review Verdict

It took me mere minutes to create something I was happy with using the Login Designer. I literally mean minutes, it's so easy to use it's unreal.Styling your WordPress login page is now a thing of beauty with a quick and easy to use plugin in Login Designer. If you're looking to style your login page in WordPress, cannot recommend this plugin enough. Seriously.

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