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MicroJobEngine Theme Review Create a Micro Job Marketplace with WordPress

Looking to create a micro job board with WordPress? MicroJobEngine might be for you.

Micro job marketplaces like Fiverr are big business and see people earning some serious money from small jobs with the added upsell of additional services.

Sites like Fiverr do incredibly well if you’re looking to create a Fiverr competitor forget it!

However, if you have a specific niche you would like to create a micro marketplace for then my review of the MicroJobEngine marketplace theme for WordPress may well be for you!

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MicroJobEngine Theme Installation

Installing The MicroJobEngine WordPress theme is a relatively simple affair simply select upload theme and add the theme zip file and we’re done. All we need to do is simply activate the theme and get started.

Activation Wizard

A prompt appears and we are great with a setup wizard, so we better get started going through the motions in creating our very own marketplace using WordPress!

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MicroJobEngine Setup Wizard Overview:

It’s worth noting that MicroJobEngine has actually added content to our blank install the minute it is activated, we know this because of the below:

Settings wizard

You will note at the top of the image we have the option to delete sample data and work with a blank slate so to speak.

Now I’m not going to do that, I want to see how everything is put together and get a feel for the theme.

Having demo content available to view helps us understand the permalink structure, theme options and more. So we’re going to leave them all as they should be.

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Settings For MicroJobEngine Theme

General settings

There’s quite a bit to get through here, we’ll take it step by step. First up is the General settings tab. It’s from here we can set the title of the site, give it a description and add in our copyright description.

The website title and description entry give your site its name and description not unlike that of the WordPress SEO plugin from YOAST. We can add in our Google analytics tracking code here as well.

Next up is the introduction text this is what is displayed to new users who wish to register on the site see below for what I mean when a new user want’s to register:

welcome intro text

Back to the general settings tab and we have an email confirmation setting to make sure users confirm their email address or not.

We can also prevent access to the admin panel for all so they just the themed sections they have access to rather than the standard WordPress administrator backend.

Lastly social links, these links will be displayed in the footer of the site and in the blog sidebar itself.

I’ve made my changes so far, worth noting that the MicroJobEngine theme automatically saves as you type. Just in case you wondered where the to save button was (like I did).

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MicroJobEngine Branding

Content settings

It’s here we can set up our site logo with recommended sizing options, our favicon, and our default user avatar again with sizing options. The default avatar will be displayed until the user has picked one themselves.

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Content Settings For MicroJobEngine

Content settings

Quite a lot to go through here. All are fairly self-explanatory but we will go through them all. Filter bad words, basically you can enter a list of bad words separated by a comma to prevent their usage on your niche micro marketplace.

I’m not going to show you a screenshot of what I put in that’s for sure!!!

You can also set a replacement word for ALL of the bad words you entered in. So think of something generic etc.

You’ll have to do this as people can be idiots and sign up and muck around, as well as spammers and such.

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File types:

Here we can choose to allow what types of files are to be attached to jobs, choose from png, pfg, zip, doc and more.

We can also set a limit to the maximum size of a file as well. The default is 64MB which is more than enough for a micro job marketplace.

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mJob price:

Here we can set a site wide standard price for all micro job marketplace jobs. The standard amount is $5.00 however we can increase or decrease this.

Pending review, this is handy because you don’t want any micro jobs going live until you have authorized them. Thankfully we can set this to enable!

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Temp user ID

Here we can give a number for a temporary user to order a service without logging in.

The rest of the settings are relating to what is displayed on the job listing itself. The post-job block setting displays useful info (or can do if you fill it in properly) on how the site works etc.

Featured category title and Featured micro job title both show on the home page itself, right underneath the main search section. Change them to whatever you wish.

The before footer background allows you to upload a fancy image to which content can be overlaid should you wish to.

Lastly, we have micro job order settings these allow us to set a time limit as to when the buyer must finish the order once the seller delivers the final service / job.

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Payment settings for the MicroJobEngine theme

Payment settings

There is a lot going on in this section so will have to break it down. Firstly set your currency, USD, GBP whatever you need. Next, the actually sign for the chosen currency and lastly placement before or after the numerical value.

Number formats is self explanatory you want to know about the commission.

Setting commission levels, here you can choose a percentage of commission you will receive for every single micro job on your niche marketplace. Just enter a value the theme will save it.

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Set up a free micro marketplace?

Well yes you can, you can make your micro marketplace completely free to submit to, then just take a flat commission on all micro jobs completed. Which could be a great way to boost the number of people advertising their services.

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Want to charge for job listings?

payment plans

Yup you guessed it you can. Here you can choose and create what MicroJobEngine calls payment plans.

You can give it an SKU, a package name, price, duration and a brief description of the plan. As well as making it featured on your plans page (the one that sticks out) see below:

payment packages for MicroJobEngine

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Payment options for MicroJobEngine

payment settings for MicroJobEngine

We have PayPal as an option, 2Checkout and finally cash. I can’t honestly see why cash would be an option for a micro job marketplace however it’s there should you want it.

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Withdrawing money from your marketplace

withdraw settings

Want to set a minimum amount of money or threshold if you will withdraw from your WordPress powered micro job marketplace? Well, this is where you can do it. Simply choose an amount you wish and the theme will save it for you.

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Search Settings section for MicroJobEngine theme

search settings for MicroJobEngine

This section actually does what it say’s on the tin. It deals with the search section which is displayed just under the menu bar on the homepage.

You can upload an image and choose a headline for your page and of course a subheading it will be displayed thus:

Microjobengine search settings

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About settings section

About settings section

This section deals with the three boxes below the latest mJob listings on your marketplace, you can change them here, give them a title a link to a page and set a small image next to the column title for added style. See below for example:

About MicroJobEngine Settings

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URL Settings for MicroJobEngine

URL Settings for MicroJobEngine

This is where we can change the slugs for our listing itself, single listing, job category and lastly job tag. ****Remember when changing the URL settings visit the WordPress native settings and save your permalink structure!!!

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Email settings for the MicroJobEngine theme

Email settings for MicroJobEngine

This section is immense, we have every conceivable instance of where emails will be sent via the theme for a very varied range of reasons. Which is good, don’t get me wrong we have the following:

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Authentication email templates

Register mail – which is sent upon registering

Confirm mail – if you have set confirm email in order to allow registration

Confirmed mail – which is sent to the user to let them know they are confirmed as a customer

Forgotten password mail, Reset password email – self-explanatory

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Content email templates upon events within the MicroJobEngine theme these are:

New post notification – sent to notify user one of their jobs has been submitted

mJob approved notification – if you have set to approve all jobs before they are life, once approved user will receive an email with words to that effect.

mJob rejected notification – if you reject the job user get’s notified

mJob archived notification – if a job has run past it’s listing date user get’s notified

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Payment related email templates:

Cash payment receipt notification – sends an email to user detailing a cash transaction

Payment receipt notification – sent to the user when they pay via PayPal or 2Checkout

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Order related email templates:

New order notification – send to the seller when a user orders a micro job

Delivered order – sent to buyer when the seller has actually delivered the order

Accepted order – sent to seller when the buyer accepts the delivery of the job

Order dispute for admin – sent to admin when a seller or buyer disputes over a micro job order

Order dispute for end-user – this is sent to a user when a there is a dispute and prompts the recipient to respond to the dispute

Micro job order request declined – this is sent to an end user when his micro job order request is declined

Order finished automatically by the system – this is sent when the order is automatically changed to finished after the duration (you have set)

Inform users regarding deleted order by admin – this is sent when the administrator deletes an order in the backend itself

Inform users regarding restored order by admin – if you restore an order (after a dispute is settled) user gets notified

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Dispute decision email templates

Seller wins – if the seller wins a dispute they get an email informing them so

Buyer wins – same as above but geared towards the buyer

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Withdrawal-related email templates

New secure code request – sent to the user when he requests a secure code to withdraw money

New withdrawal request – sent to admin when a user has requested to withdraw money

Withdrawal request approved – self-explanatory

Withdrawal request declined – if you decide the seller should not receive the funds (could be a dispute pending etc.) they get notified

Lastly new message alert – when a user gets sent a new message via the system they get notified

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Changing the text in email messages

All of the above message templates can be edited see below for what one looks like:

Email template changes

As you can see you have a series of shortcodes denoting specific fields, such as display name and such. Here you can edit and add text.

This gives you room to play, why not add in upsells and cross-sells with for users and more. It’s a great opportunity for you to go to town or advertise special offers and such.

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Language settings for the MicroJobEngine WordPress theme

Language settings

Here you can go really make some changes. All you have to do is create a new language name save it then select it from translate a language drop-down menu and edit away.

It’s here you change the names/titles of pretty much must of the content that is output on your niche micro job marketplace. So why not make it interesting and eye-catching?

Lastly in the settings menu is a section for you to add in your license key, inputting your key here ensures your micro job marketplace is up to date.

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Members In Your Marketplace

members on the marketplace

Here you can get a complete overview of users on your website by user role, you can search users or ban users at the click of a button. Namely the padlock button and ban them immediately.

ban members

If you elect to ban a user you will be shown the above screenshot. It’s here you choose a reason for the ban and set a length of time for the ban. Choose from 1 day, 3 days and more.

Or if it’s a heinous act they have committed ban them for life!

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View Pricing plans (or sales of your pricing plans)

Pricing plan sales

This is where you will see how many sales of your various pricing plan options you have made. The title of this section is a little off-key.

However, it will show you via a drop-down of payment methods who has paid for one of your plans and what payment method they have used.

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Withdraws or withdrawal requests

Withdrawal requests

Here you will see all the withdraw requests and set them to be approved or reject them, so the administration is fairly straightforward.

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MicroJob Order administration

Order reporting in MicroJobEngine

Here we can drill down via the drop-down menu and choose to show orders via:

Published (read completed orders), pending, draft, late, delivered, disputing, resolved & finished. Looking at it published and finished look identical…

You can’t see it in the image above but there is a green tick on the far right to approve an order or click the red X to decline it. If you decline an order you will be given a prompt to give a reason for declining the order.

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Social login for MicroJobEngine

Social login for MicroJobEngine

Yes, you can add in API keys and allow end users to sign up to your micro job marketplace via Twitter, Facebook, and lastly Google Plus.

You can also set the role of social media sign-ups from the general settings menu item in the image above. Choose to make them subscribers by default or authors.

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Worth noting and quite important!

 Setting up properly

In order to get things set up properly, you will need to add in profile countries and profile languages.

Why? When new users sign up they can choose from their country of origin and what languages they are proficient in.

Otherwise, everyone will have a blank section of where they are from on their seller information page!

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MicroJobEngine has front-end editing for admins

editing a job on the front end

It certainly does that, you can elect to edit a micro job simply by hovering over it as an administrator. You will then be given three choices a pen to edit, a pause icon to pause the listing or a filing box to archive it.

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MicroJobEngine from a buyer perspective

There’s no point me raving on about how important the customer’s journey is in e-commerce, you all know how important it is. How does MicroJobEngine fair in this regard? Well quite well in fact.

MicroJobEngine from customer pov

Everything is well laid out for a customer, the home page is nicely done and when you drill down on specific categories a nice AJAX effect comes into play to really narrow it down.

You can choose from new or high rating to show micro jobs with high ratings so you know you would be getting a quality service.

Product listing page in MicroJobEngine

Everything is laid out very well indeed, with clear calls to action. Service overview with a nice header image.

useful info

Just to the right of the product in the sidebar, we have a nice indication of the sellers past performance. With an overall rating, a number of reviews the number of sales made and a nice strong order now button.

Couple this with additional extras this particular seller offers pertaining to the service in question to give customers an idea of how they can get more bang for their buck.

customer reviews

As well as this we have a rather handy section of customer reviews of the actual service itself.

Nothing instills confidence more than happy previous customers and the MicroJobEngine WordPress theme does a good job of displaying them.

Sellers profile

Sellers profiles are nicely displayed along with products/services they are offering. With clear information of their locale, languages spoken, payment method, business name and more.

All things that will help reassure customers when purchasing a micro job from your marketplace.

signing in or up

The sign-up / login page is nicely handled from a fly in modal, with specific entries for username and password, you will also note the sign in with for signing up for social media accounts.

Not a member yet? Then hit join us. Like it, simple and effective.

my account

The account section for buyers and sellers is one and the same in essence. However as a buyer, you can view all your orders, the other tab tasks are for jobs ordered from sellers.

Here as a buyer, you can drill down to choose from pending, delivered and more.

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Opening up a dispute over an active micro job

As a customer (who we all know is always right, ahem) there may well be an occasion where they will need to vent their subsequent spleens with something they are not happy with.

Disputing via MicroJobEngine

By clicking on an active order from your order section as the buyer you will be taken to a private instance of the actual service.

Any content that gets’s added here is relative to your purchase of the service, no one else can see it apart from you and the seller. Which is pretty amazing in fairness.

It’s here you can add in your comments or (see the hammer and the word dispute next to it?) request a dispute case. Give a reason and hit send.

The seller get’s notified and has the right to reply, ultimately it’s down to the administrator to vote in favor of one other. I did take a screenshot of this process but deleted it by accident, rest assured it can be done!

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MicroJobEngine as a micro job seller

Posting a job as a seller

It’s a very straightforward affair in terms of submitting a micro job, the interface is very clean and is no-nonsense in its approach.

With the ability to add upsells to a micro job makes MicroJobEngine a firm favorite in the Fiverr clone stakes.

Sellers can add images to their listing choose a feature image and go to town on the product description. It’s up to the admin to then approve (if you have chosen this option in the back end).

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The seller’s dashboard in MicroJobEngine

Seller dashboard

Everything is clearly laid out before a seller, you can edit your profile, view your balance, view orders, view micro job listings and view tasks.

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Viewing tasks

active orders

When you select active tasks from the seller dashboard and choose a specific one you have a couple of options available to you as a seller.

Firstly you can select an option and mark the micro job as late, the buyer will then get notified that their order will be late.

However, I noticed there was no selection to let the buyer know how late the order will be.

If as the seller you hit the start button you will be greeted with the below:

Order started

You will note that the micro job has a new addition. Namely, a countdown click that lets you know how long you have to complete the order.

Buyers can leave comments on the status of the order and communicate in private with the seller. No one else will see this communication between buyer and seller save for the parties concerned.

It’s a really nice feature, with seller and buyer communicating properly the whole process should go quite smoothly. It has real transparency to it.

As a seller, once they have completed the task the simply hit deliver! Cue a modal popup:

hitting deliver

Here the seller can notify the buyer of the completion of the project along with some text and maybe if it was a logo design or piece of coding attach a file for review.

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Withdrawing money as a seller

Withdraw as a seller

Retaining quality sellers is of paramount importance. To that end, we want a nice easy way for them to get paid to don’t we?

Thankfully the MicroJobEngine theme has us covered for sellers. Sellers can simply put in the amount they wish to withdraw. Their preferred payment method and their secure code.

All they have to do is enter their security code to authorize a request for payment and the administrator will get notified and can process the payment or refuse it.

If the seller has forgotten their secure code they can simply click on ‘Request here’ and a new the code will be emailed to them.

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The MicroJobEngine marketplace WordPress theme is ambitious, to say the least.

It performs on so many levels, be it from an aesthetic point of view, buyer/seller customer journey and more.

Like I said it’s very ambitious and for those looking to set up a niche micro job site, it’s pretty killer.

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Say what? Surely not?

Like everything, there is a however on the positive side of things. Namely, there is no specific blog template page. Weird huh?

We all know how important blogging is, don’t we? Yet there is no specific page template for a blog. You actually have to manually link to a category page to show all posts in that category. Crazy? Yeh, I think so too.

For a WordPress theme that does so much and handles a majority of it very well, I found this very strange. Sure a coder could probably tinker with it and set one up, I’m not a coder and I can guarantee a majority of buyers of the MicroJobEngine theme aren’t either.

A minor quibble? You be the judge on that.

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Also, the pricing structure

The pricing structure is too rigid. I mean you can set a price sitewide for micro jobs which is great. However, it’s site wide. The is literally no way for users to set their own price for a micro job.

Sure they can push people towards the upsells to get more revenue, the ability to let sellers or even a setting to let approved consistent sellers a way to name their own price would make this theme epic.

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What about video content?

This is a nice to have and not a moan by the way! However video content is huge in the micro job marketplace. Allowing sellers to upload a video as a featured video instead of a featured image would be fantastic.

Even if it was a link to a YouTube video, again this would make MicroJobEngine go to micro job marketplace theme for WordPress.

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MicroJobEngine is available to buy from EngineThemes

MicroJobEngine weighs in at $89.00 for an unlimited site license meaning you could set up a host of niche micro job websites!

Would I recommend the MicroJobEngine theme? Yes, yes and no. Yes because it’s good at what it does for sure. But the glaring things for me are the pricing structure and of course the lack of a dedicated blog.

That being said they are apparently on the roadmap for future inclusion, if you really want to take MicroJobEngine for a spin take a look at the demo online here and make your own mind up.

8 Total Score
Verdict on MicroJobEngine theme

There is no denying MicroJobEngine is pretty darn awesome. The lack of a blog page and the rigidity of the pricing is a hindrance for me personally.However, if you are looking for a decent quality theme to build a micro job marketplace from, you could do a lot worse than taking the theme for a full demo here.

Ease of use
Marketplace appeal
Customer experience
Seller experience
Potential (fix the blog - change pricing structure - video content support!)
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