Would you like me to review your WordPress product?

It’s a simple question really. Would you like little old me to review your WordPress theme or WordPress plugin? I hope the answer to the initial question would be a resounding yes.

Here’s why you should say yes to me reviewing your product:

From a consumer point of view: 

It’s incredibly hard to find reviews on WordPress products on the web without stumbling across those who basically spin a theme or plugins documentation purely to write a review that generates revenue. You know the type, no doubt you’ve seen them before and made a purchase of it because X site says it’s awesome. That’s just wrong, wrong on two counts.

First count: The review technically wasn’t a review. They have to a degree mislead you on what a theme or plugin can do. It’s that simple, all for monetary gain to get you to click on affiliate links to purchase the product in question.

Second count: The product probably had issues, any WordPress developer will tell you sure there are minor faults here and their bug fixes that need to be made and such. You may well have got lucky and have a product fit for purpose. Then again if you’re reading this post you probably didn’t and are stuck with a lemon and out of pocket.

From a creators point of view:

The reviews that I perform are in-depth no two ways about it. I ACTUALLY install a theme or plugin and use it how it was intended. Why? Because people need to see how it will work to see if it fits there needs.

I don’t write spammy affiliate link stuffed reviews, I go toe to toe with your product, pick it apart all from a consumer perspective. I showcase your theme warts and all, hey I’ll be honest about it if I find a fault I will let people know, it’s then up to you to answer the review with a comment on action taken or suggestions on how to fix it.

A fault in your product could be something that you might not even know about, it could be something that only happens in a real-world environment. Guess what? You get to see it and take action before it becomes a major issue. Whats the by-product of this?

Your product is stronger and better, you have a real-world study of your theme/plugin/service and are better equipped to get it sorted. Your products improved (if it a fault is found) and you’ve strengthened it which will help increase sales.

Now for an admission:

I like the wealth of other websites out there will of course use affiliate links. I use them so if people see value in my review and like what they say I get a little slice. As a consumer ,if you are aware of the pitfalls of a WordPress product and still want to purchase it your eyes are open.

Better that than purchasing something and then taking to Twitter to vent your spleen that it doesn’t work.

Why not take a quick look at my WordPress Review FAQ:

From a consumer POV:

  • I install and test all themes/plugins in a real-world environment
  • I will take it through its paces, tell you what I found and if it will do x,y and indeed z
  • I pull no punches, I will make you aware of a product’s shortcomings
  • No silver has crossed my palm for reviews
  • I do use affiliate links in reviews, up to you whether you see value in a review and whether or not I am worthy of an affiliate payment by clicking the link
  • I do not make edits to reviews, once it’s posted it’s up to the creator to post a comment with an answer or link to an answer

From a creator POV:

  • Only get in touch if you believe in your product
  • I will test it thoroughly and publish an issue if indeed it has any
  • I will not mislead consumers with fluffed reviews to entice clicks on links
  • Once a review is published you are free to leave a comment on the review post with any comments or fixes if there are issues
  • I could help you strengthen your product with a perspective not seen elsewhere, which could in turn increase sales

What about sponsored reviews? Will you offer them?

You know what this has been a dilemma of mine for a while. I have considered offering a paid for service for reviewing WordPress products, charge XXX for an in-depth review and such. I know other websites reviewing products do this.

After much deliberation, I have decided I will not be charging for reviews. There I said it. Typing it down makes more sense to me, I don’t want to write reviews that lean in favor of a product and go against the very thing I hate most.

So I have taken the steps to nick this in the bud so to speak. All I will ask for a payment for a review is that you tweet it or like it on Facebook. I don’t want to sully my integrity by offering paid reviews, personally, for me, it just doesn’t work.  Nothing against other sites that do this, nothing at all. For me, it’s not something I care to offer.

Do you only review premium products?

Fair question, nope. I do actually review free and commercial plugins, there are so many wonderful free and of course commercial themes/plugins available in the WordPress eco-system that I will review both.

I’m not all about the revenue, I take great pleasure in performing reviews on WordPress products it’s not all about cash. Seeing visitors come to my site and take away something of value is in its own way payment itself.

So over to you, are you a WordPress theme dev/plugin dev or do you offer a WordPress service?

Well if you do and you appreciate this old guys opinion and would like to get in touch and request a review then simply use the contact form below. **Please do note though I do have a schedule of reviews I would like to stick to.

This doesn’t mean the commercial themes/plugins come first before the free ones! I just have a schedule to keep an order of attack if you will. I like to stick to it. Anyways get in touch today and lets educate consumers and get your WordPress product out there!

Head on over to my contact page and let’s talk!

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