How To Save Money On WordPress Themes

Stop Spending Money On Junk WordPress Themes!!!

If you are anything like me saving money on WordPress themes is a big deal. By this I mean ensuring your hard earned money is wisely spent on your own WordPress powered website or indeed if you are working on behalf of a client. Nobody likes working with junk in fact it can slow down the whole building process.

So What Can You Do To Save Money On WordPress Themes?

Well you could take a look at my WordPress theme buying guide which gives you some useful little ideas on what to look for in a WordPress theme and tips on how to avoid ending up with a pretty mess. Other steps you can take are to start reading my WordPress Review section.

This is where I am starting to collate WordPress theme information which aims to help you save on themes. What is the point of doing a complete functional review of a WordPress theme if it will not be found by Google or is formatted incorrectly or slower than a slug going uphill in terms of page speed. Which as we all know is a contributing factor to how well your website will rank.

Not to mention the search engine optimization of a WordPress theme, will Google like it? Will Google and other search engines be able to find it? Have no fear as we report on initial findings, these in turn will help you make that all important purchasing decision.

No Affiliation To Any WordPress Theme Provider, Say Whaaat?

Yes as the above correctly states my WordPress theme overviews are warts and all, as I have no allegiance to any WordPress theme vendor or anyone in particular I am ideally equipped to offer a frank overview and give it to you straight. That’s the beauty of blogging being able to freely express yourself.

What If You Upset A Theme Developer?

Quite frankly if a WordPress theme creator has released a WordPress theme that does not load fast, offer proper formatting for Google or indeed structure then they have no leg to stand on.

Are You Sick Of Buying WordPress Themes Then Sitting Back For Updates?

Well it’s a common scenario is it not? You purchase a WordPress theme in all good faith from a theme vendor website and low and behold the theme does not perform well in search engines. Wouldn’t you like to know that information first? Would it not be better to be forewarned?

Of course it would. If I test a WordPress theme and it has shortcomings then at least you will steer clear until it has been properly updated to patch any issues. Thus saving you time and of course money.

Not All Of Us Can Code

This is true, myself included. However just because we are not developers it doesn’t mean we should be treated like idiots. We are however CONSUMERS and as such our opinions and concerns should be addressed in time and on time. My WordPress review section will help eliminate the problematic WordPress themes and help you make the RIGHT decision moving forwards.

We Welcome Feedback

Of course we want the WordPress theme vendors to interact if their theme is mentioned in our WordPress review section. If you’re a theme developer and have an update to your theme to combat any faults found through my testing I will be more than happy to update the review post with new found information and retest.

So How Do You Save Money On WordPress Themes?

Well the short answer is a regular check here on WPin. I am but one person so do not expect a million posts. The most important way to save money on WordPress themes is due diligence do your home work read my guide here or keep up to date with new WordPress theme overviews on WPin.

This was post number #3 in my 30 day blogging challenge. Read more on that here.

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