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How To Take Screenshots In A WordPress Blog Post. Save Time With This Tip

After I wrote war an peace on my review of the Gutenberg editor, I thought I’d switch things up with a quick tutorial. One I think will benefit fellow bloggers.

Some of you may or may not know about this, to those who know fair-play, to those who don’t, read on.

Website screenshots awesome right?

Website screenshots when peppered in a blog post create eye-catching calls to action. They really do.

Whether you’re doing a roundup on a particular topic that needs a screenshot of a website, taking them, resizing them, compressing them is a ball ache.

Well there’s a plugin for that

Yes, there is indeed if you’re tired of taking screenshots of websites or using Chrome extensions, Firefox extensions etc. And just want an honest to goodness easy way to do get a web screenshot in your blog post, you’re in luck.

Image of Browsershots plugin page

Browsershots plugin On WordPress.org

The above image which is clickable as well, by the way, was actually generated by a plugin. A plugin called Browsershots, it’s an awesome little plugin, that will save you no end of time when creating a blog post.

See below image of Browser Shots set up for the image shown above.

Browser shots WordPress Plugin

Browser shots WordPress Plugin

It’s as easy as that. Ridiculously easy, the Browser Shots plugin adds a little icon to the default WordPress editor.

The above pop up overlay asks you what URL you would like to screenshot, set a link, width, height, caption, alt text and lastly whether you want it to open in a new window.

All the plugin will do is output a shortcode for you and you’re done.

It’s that easy!

Perfect if you’re doing a post roundup for top blogs, or websites you admire, delete as applicable. It’s a MASSIVE time saver, and will no doubt help shave off lots of time when creating a new post or indeed page.

That’s it I told you this post would be short!

Hopefully, the Browser Shots plugin will help you in the long run (I know it has for me!), it’s completely free and available to download on WordPress.org.

Browser Shots Plugin

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A quick, easy and free way to add screenshots of websites in a blog post. Save time and effort with Browser Shots.

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