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I used to have a WordPress bookmarking site called, which incidentally is now redirected to WPin.

I made the decision to consolidate my portfolio of sites into WPin, it’s made things easier for me. From an administration point of view alone.

The beauty of WhatWP was it allowed fellow WordPress users, to submit interesting finds pertaining to WordPress, from tips, tutorials and more. It built up a bit of a following, so I decided to amalgamate WhatWP and incorporate it into

So how can you submit WordPress news to WPin?

Well it’s incredibly easy to do in truth, I’ve made it super easy for users to do! I’ve been in touch with all the WhatWP users and they have made the change over.

So now I’m writing up this tutorial for those who would be interested in joining them. Let’s get this show started.

Step 1- Registering on

How to sign up for WPin

How to sign up for WPin

You will see at the very top of the site (as illustrated by the image) there are two ways to sign up. The submit a post box will take you to the register page here, the icon will load a modal for you to login or if you don’t have an account will take you to the register page.

When you register by default you will not have access to submit news, worry not! I will be notified you have signed up.

Due to spammers (you always get spammers) signing up I am more than careful about who I give access to news submission access to. As I mentioned by default you will not have access to submit a post, I have to be careful you understand.

Once I have assessed your application and found you to be legitimate I will, of course, give you access.

Expect an email with details on this!

Step 2 – Verified for submission of news

Submit News

Submit News

Once you’re verified, you will need to log back in and under your avatar you will see two new tabs. The first being Submit WordPress News, pretty obvious hey? Not the big red arrow in the image above!

Step 3 – Submit some WordPress news!

By clicking on the submit news tab you will be greeted with a series of form fields. It’s here you can add a title, give a description, add your URL to the original post, choose a category, and choose some tags.

Once the post is submitted it will come to me to approve or disapprove. Once approved, it will be in your edit your news section where you can view all of your submissions!

What are the benefits of submitting WordPress news to

I can’t promise you a shed load of traffic, but the site is growing exponentially. By focussing my time on WPin and nothing else and adding new content, it’s getting more and more popular!

To that end, any new posts added to WPin from users will see there submissions getting traffic!

What’s The key when submitting news to WPin?

Make your title interesting, don’t just copy and paste the title, nor the description. Be different, this is your second bite of the cherry for search engines.

Call the title something different but within keeping of the article, be accurate with your description, that’s the key to getting traffic to your post and more importantly clicks!

Visitors can vote on your posts and you can too

You do not need to have an account to vote on user-submitted posts, visitors click and like them if they feel it warrants it.Β Whilst your submitting news, why not take a look around and vote on other users content?

Rules to submissions on WPin

No theme roundups, no plugin roundups, no best WordPress themes for XYZ, no affiliate links in your submissions. You get the drift!

That’s it, that’s all there is too it.So I hope to see you around on WPin, why not join others by submitting WordPress content?

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