The Content King Is Dead…..Long Live The Social Media King


The Content King Is Dead…..Long Live The Social Media King

In this golden age of social media sharing and our endless quest as bloggers to get content shared on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and a raft of others are we all forgetting the very thing we are sharing?

The social media space has seen a deluge of content submitted and shared around the ether, however, is the content itself really worthwhile sharing in the first place or are we just in a massive rush to get ourselves out there and establish a social media presence.

Forgive me I am elderly in some peoples eyes, being a slip of a thing at 36. However, I remember the old days where blog posts/content that was shared actually meant something. It added value and was insightful.

However (as I write this it is very early in the morning) I am seeing more and more pointless sharing on various social media platforms of quite frankly junk. Are we all somehow relying on social media to point to posts that are not worthwhile reading? Have we been numbed to a degree by the amount of information shared? Do we crave our news and content in a more succinct bite-sized form? Let me explain.

I have seen some articles offering advice on getting traffic to your blog or website, heck I do read an awful lot. One thing that is prevalent throughout these articles is the ‘punt it to all the social media networks you can’ with the actual content being secondary. To me, this is just ridiculous.

Why in the blue blazes would anyone want to share a link to a substandard article? Are we all just massaging our egos? Do we crave the ‘please share this or I will kill the kitten’ mentality’Are our lives now intravenously linked to social media, does it define us as individuals, bloggers & brands?

Some would say most definitely, with a range of add this to Twitter, like this on Facebook buttons plastered over blogs and sites (myself included) are our users simply sharing anything they see? Will they forget about the article and initiate a cursory share, just because it’s the done thing?

Personally, I would love to create articles that stimulate debate, encourage comments and engagement. We all would. However are we all dumbing down for social media now?

It would appear creating content for actual readers to enjoy and stimulate traffic as a by-product is now being replaced with the mindset of ‘how many times will my idea get shared on Twitter, or how many likes will I receive?’ then writing the content tailored to a social media audience.

This audience is needed granted, and please do not think I am belittling either of these networks or indeed any other social media network. The social media audience wants bite-sized information they want their news and they want it now. They want small snippets with catchy titles and pretty images. Whilst you do not want to discount these visitors I for one do not wish to write articles just for them.

In fact, if Google was to disappear overnight and the only way to find posts or information was through links on social media platforms the web would be a very strange place indeed. No doubt full of catchy titles (ahem my one included? lol) with no real substance to them. That would be a very dark day indeed. A very dark day.

I call for a back to basics approach, content IS king, readers come first, social media second.

What do you think of social media sharing versus content? Do you think I am way off the mark or maybe hit a couple of targets, let me know with a comment. And please do not share this post on Twitter. Ahem.

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