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I really got all excited the other day one of my followers @inetseo mentioned about a new WordPress plugin that allows you to talk and then transforms your speech into legible posts for your blog.

Happy days I thought to myself, no more 2-3 hours creating a blog post. Not when I can simply talk and the text automagically appears, what manner of witchery is this I hear you cry!

Well VoicePress.it is a new WordPress plugin by a chap called Kyle Graham. Excellent no more lengthy posts etc etc.

My life is going to be incredibly easy now! It even comes with a natty video explaining how to use it how simple it is etc etc.

Well no discredit to Kyle Graham, this is not a personal attack, but despite numerous efforts to get it working it simply doesn’t. I fail to understand why he has gone through a marketing campaign for it either.

He must have known about the impending release of WordPress 3.3 and should have checked to see if there were any compatibility issues.

I mean I signed up all giddy like a school girl, received an email with a link to ‘pay it with a tweet’ which I gladly did might I add, downloaded it installed it and voila:

VoicePress faults

  • Does not work with WordPress 3.3
  • All flyout menus on WP 3.3 do not work when installed
  • Media upload button does not work when VoicePress is activated
  • Even the HTML tab does not work when VoicePress is activated
  • Speech recognition is sketchy at best – note this is not Kyles fault as it uses Google Voice Search 

In principle, this plugin is an awesome idea and one that no doubt hundreds if not thousands of WordPress users would utilize, however quite simply it does not work. It would appear a lot of effort has gone into the VoicePress admin – for the promotion of the plugin itself. We are greeted with a range of following and shares etc.

How about the  VoicePress admin options? Well, there really are no options to speak of. Note I have purposefully shared my invite code, not because I want you to retweet or like this post on Facebook, but because I do not want you to waste two hours of your life you’re never going to get back. So shameless promotion ahoy then.

My conclusion? Well, suffice to say I cannot recommend this WordPress plugin at all. I have had to deactivate it purely because I could not finish this blog post! Deactivated it will stay, deleted it will be. If only Kyle had put more effort into the compatibility with WP 3.3 this could have been a winner, there is the time of course perhaps he will, perhaps.

Personally speaking how long before this has whipped up enough buzz for Kyle to Flip the site on Flippa.com?? I bet it’s not long, I would hazard a guess at it being for sale within the next 3 months.

It’s a shame, again nothing against him AT ALL, but I have to question the tactics employed with this plugin, the marketing the ‘pay it with a tweet’ the invite codes, the sharing etc. Too much emphasis on sharing and marketing the plugin, rather than it actually working.

If only he had completed it properly and it worked like it did in the video on his website, or better still uploaded a working version to WordPress.org for everyone to utilize.

A shame.

If you want to check out the VoicePress plugin Google it, I am not going to post a link to something that will end up leaving you frustrated or lead you down the garden path.

The message ends: disappointed, with a post that took 1 and a half hours, by hand. (Just the way I like it)….

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