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How To Find Out What Theme A WordPress Powered Site Uses

Have you seen a beautiful website? Of course, you have we all have, you know it runs on WordPress and your really keen to find out what theme it is or what framework it was built on? You have searched hours up hours looking for the right look and flow.

Only to find one site that fit’s perfectly for your next project, you care not for the design you don’t want to steal/clone it outright (I hope you don’t!), but the style looks perfect as does the layout.

Well, there is a way and it’s very, very simple to do.

What WordPress Theme Is That

Head on over to What WordPress Theme Is That and test it out. Put in some WordPress powered websites you like the look of and see what comes up.

I did a couple of quick searches but let’s use Mashable as an example, shall we? See below for What WordPress Theme Is That results:

What WordPress Theme Is That Mashable

As a tool for the inquisitive, it’s quite good fun. The results above for Mashable do not really give a whole lot away in fairness. However, we now know W3 EDGE are the designers so who you gonna call if this is your inspiration for your blog look? W3 EDGE, certainly not Ghostbusters.

Have you used it? Leave a comment with your finds would be great to share with others!

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