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WhatWP.com is now on WPin.me

All of WhatWP's bookmarks have been added to WPin.me

Find out more about the amalgamation?

Changes are afoot

Sadly WhatWP.com is no more, in fact, if you’ve visited it of late you will no doubt be redirected to this page.

I’ve been spreading myself too thin with different websites and unfortunately, I realized I’m neglecting all of them, by constantly flitting between them all.

To that end, I have decided to amalgamate WhatWP.com into WPin.me. So what does this mean for WhatWP users?

Changes & WhatWP users

All existing submissions from WhatWP are now in WPin. With the exception of a few posts I thought wouldn’t make the cut.

All submissions are now under my author name, not me being greedy you understand, it’s just I don’t know who will come over to WPin.me from WhatWP.com so covering my ass, so to speak.

I will be changing them over to the appropriate authors, as and when they make the crossover to WPin to submit their news items.

How Does It work?

Well, users can still register and submit their WordPress news finds the same as before. It will be a slightly different process, however, I believe it will have more benefit for users.

Anyone can vote up or down on a WordPress news post (see image for up/down voting). Rather than only registered users being able to vote.

There is also a view count (which I have worked out from WhatWP and added to the bookmarks on WPin) which will help users see how many people are viewing their content.

Other benefits:

Well from an SEO perspective, WPin is known more so than WhatWP. All posts submitted to WPin will stand a better chance of appearing higher in search engines.

By adding WhatWP to WPin, it free’s up my time more to concentrate on sharing your user content and tweaking the site for optimal results.

WPin WordPress user news

I think it will be easier for visitors to use, which means more clicks on your news!

You’ll also note the words “VIEW MORE INFO” this is shown in archives for user news, in the format you see above. However, this text will take visitors directly to your website if they choose to click it.

Existing WhatWP users, you have been emailed!

To all existing users of WhatWP.com you will have received an email to tell you about the changes, and ended up here.

If you would like me to add you to the WPin WordPress User News submission system, get in touch via the contact form and I will register you with the same username and attribute posts to you.

Your view counts and indeed vote counts are all still intact, so no worries on that score. It will take time however for Google to catch up and index your posts.

It’s only a matter of time before it does!

I’m new I want to submit news!

If you’re new (welcome BTW) please feel free to register to submit WordPress news, just use the big button to sign up. Or you can login/register at the top of the site.

Once registered you will be taken to your account page, where you can submit news and edit news items and such.

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