Woo Convert To Customer Plugin Overview

Convert More Visitors To Customers With The Woo Convert Plugin (Overview)

Getting visitors to your online store is one thing, retaining them and offering them discounts / coupons is another. For every other visitor who comes to your store some will buy some will not. How do you cater for those who do not purchase but rummage through your website looking for a bargain like a soccer mom at a yard sale?

Well step up the Woo Convert plugin, this little plugin will offer discounts to customers automatically and products the user has already expressed an interest in. How so? Well by taking a look at the demo, so let’s do that then shall we?

Woo Convert Settings page

See what I mean about all or nothing?

First of all the plugin itself (as of yet) does not give you the ability (from what I can tell) to set discounts at product level. It’s an all or nothing approach that will no doubt put a lot of people off. There are options such as amount of discount to apply the time limit, text of the offer and where you would like to position the actual offer box itself. You need to see the demo working to see what this plugin could potentially do for you and your online store. So let’s have a tinker around with the demo then see below for what I mean.

WooConvert To Customer Plugin

As the demo page clearly states: Visit at least 3 products to get notified about the discount. After you have done this return to shop and wait about 10 seconds to see the notification. So I follow the instructions and click on the #00 screwdriver, the cool hair wig and the Swarovski Earrings. Then this happens when going back to the home page:

WooConvert To Customer discount applied

You see the blue box? Well this tells you that a discount has been applied to the #00 screwdriver along with a timer and you will receive a 10% discount. Pretty sweet right? Well I’d have liked it as a customer if it was more in your face i.e. in the center of the screen (you can change the position of the offer in fairness) with perhaps an overlay background to dull the background and make the discount more appealing, however that’s me personally. What about the product page?

Woo Convert To Customer product page

Upon clicking on the little blue box in the corner again I think this could be made more visible than it already is we are greeted with the above. So we can see that it’s a time sensitive deal and one that will disappear in 14 minutes and 36 seconds. However as a customer I have to remember that the discount is 10% as there is no way of knowing what discount is applied at this stage due to the fact it is not mentioned anywhere on the page (which is a big no no). Anyways, with the fact I will save 10% in the back of my mind I add it to my cart.

WooConvert To Customer cart page

As you can see from the above a coupon has been applied automatically in the WooCommerce cart. For a total of $1.00 which obviously is 10% of the retail price. Again this is pretty darn cool. What about other products then?

Woo Convert To Customer Different page

Following the same procedure as before how this time I elected for the Swarovski Earrings (I believe they will bring out my eyes). As you can see from the above we have a notification again about the discount encouraging you to take up the deal. So not too shabby so far in fairness, what about the notification showing up on different pages? Will it show up at all?

Woo Convert on a completely different page

It does. It shows up on other pages as well which is a major bonus as not everyone will keep returning to the home page, so the fact it will show up on other pages useful.

Good So Far, However….

As this is just an overview of the Woo Convert WooCommerce plugin I cannot vouch for the back end administration for it. It does have a settings page with a wealth of options for you to tinker with. The plugin itself could be awesome save for the following:

No ability to set individual product level discounts this is of paramount importance, as some store owners may not be able to afford a 10% discount on all products, some may well have exceptionally tight margins and may want to only offer 2% on some or none at all. Again as I have not had access to the back end I can neither confirm or deny that you can elect to remove products from the discount schedule at all.

Another thing is it always selects the first product you click on to offer a discount on. Whilst this is not a bad thing to a degree people like choices, the first choice or in this case the first click may not be the actual product they are either wanting or looking for. As people do change their mind.

8.3 Total Score
Woo Convert Has The Potential To Be Great

Again this is just an overview of the WooConvert plugin, could it help generate business? Yeh sure it could, I mean if site wide discounts are not a problem for you and you tinker with the settings and move the discount box, change the color make it more appealing. Then yes, I do believe it could help you generate more sales. Me personally I would like to see the trigger being applied to specific products, with specific discounts that I choose, ones that are right for my business. The plugin itself is $17.00 on CodeCanyon if you do not care to speculate and want to see how it works before buying the plugin take the demo for a spin at the very least.

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