WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin Review

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin Review – Can It Help When Doing Business With B2B / Wholesale & Trade Customers?

You may well be running an online store presently and have a select amount of customers who buy regularly or indeed have made sounds that they want trade pricing or indeed wholesale pricing. Either that or you’re looking to make the switch to using WooCommerce and WordPress as you’ve heard good things, but are reluctant to as WooCommerce does not support wholesale pricing out of the box.

If either of the above applies to you, read on. The WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin aims to rectify this issue and offers support for displaying wholesale/trade prices based on a user role in the back end. It’s a great idea for a plugin and one that could make a dramatic difference to you as a wholesaler or a business who works with the general public and of course trade.

The WooCommerce Wholesale pricing plugin is available for $21.00 on CodeCanyon, whilst it’s relatively inexpensive when compared to revenue or clients it could help you generate, the burning question of course is: Is it any good?


Upon purchasing the plugin from CodeCanyon and downloading of course you can either FTP up using FileZilla or install from the back end of WordPress. I installed from the back end, it installed the same as any other plugin. Again upon installing not unlike the WooCommerce Request A Quote plugin review I wrote recently, you may be a little lost as to where the plugin menu is housed. It’s actually located in the WooCommerce menu in the sidebar, from here upon clicking you will be shown the following screen:

WooCommerce Wholesale prices plugin user options

The WooCommerce Wholesale prices plugin user options after installation.

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Options

The first menu item is: Wholesale User Role, from the drop-down menu you can choose which role type would see your wholesale/trade pricing when logged in. Pricing Options, this is quite interesting actually, if you select the ‘Show wholesale savings by the price?’ box the standard price of the item will be shown or retail price if you will, you can even rename the text prior to the cost savings for added impact.

Next up is Show Percentage Savings, if you tick this box the user (or wholesale user) in this case will show a percentage of saving compared to the standard price itself. The next box shows the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) you can change the text here also to something like the more PC SRP (Suggested Retail Price).

Finally, in the pricing options section, we can choose the text to be displayed next to the wholesale price. By default, the plugin uses the words ‘Your Price’ but here we can jazz it up a little and make it more appealing, maybe ‘Special Price’ or ‘Loyalty Price’ delete as applicable.

Quantity Options For Wholesalers

Wholesale Prices plugin options filled in

Wholesale Prices plugin options filled in

This section enables you to set a minimum or maximum quantity available for purchase. So if your stock levels are abundant you or can only really justify a discount based on volume there are options here for you to follow.

Take a look at the screenshot of the settings to the right, this is what I am going to run with.

I have chosen to show wholesale savings by the price, show percentage of savings by the price, show RRP to wholesale customers.

I’ve left the label as normal for the RRP and the show RRP.

For quantities, I have chosen a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 1000 for wholesalers to purchase.

Next up to create a product for both wholesalers and of course standard retailers.

Setting Up A Product In Conjunction with WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin

I have created a new user on my test site back end and have attributed them to a wholesale customer. In order to reflect the wholesale pricing, I have also had to create a product with wholesale pricing. So let’s delve into a product page using this wholesale plugin for WooCommerce.

I will use a product in fact from this site, I add WordPress products I like into my ‘store’ section, so I am going to use the ‘WooCommerce Request A Quote Plugin’ listing, see below for a view of the product archive and product page for a wholesale customer:

As you can see the RRP is listed as is the ‘wholesale price’ or ‘Your Price’ as well as the percentage discount. The View demo text is just me using an external product link in WooCommerce, this would usually say ‘Add To Cart’ or ‘Select Options’ if you’re using a variable product.


The above images show the minimum order quantity shown when we set the MOQ to 10 in the plugin settings and the next image shows what is displayed to those who order below the MOQ. Good to know the customer is made aware there is a minimum order quantity in place.

So How Was This Enabled In The Product Itself?

Wholesale pricing product listing

Wholesale pricing product listing

Well as you can see from the above I had a ‘Simple Product’ enabled, set the Regular Price to $16.00 and the wholesale price that is shown to ‘wholesale’ customers is that of $10.00. So we know that it works with simple products, external products, you’ll probably never use that in conjunction with wholesale pricing, just useful to know it works ;-).

What about Variable Products?

works with variable products

works with variable products

Right at the bottom of this image, you will see just above ‘Defaults: [?]’ you can indeed set variable pricing levels and use the Wholesale Price, again this works in the same way as the simple product and shows the variable price, money save via percentage and the wholesale price itself. So great that it works with variable products, no doubt if you’re in the business to business sector, or retail and trade this will be very handy indeed.

The problem with WooCommerce for wholesale stores is that its standard layouts are very retail-centric. By this, I mean that products are normally listed with large images and very basic information that is perfect for retail stores, but less user-friendly for wholesale customers. Wholesale users already know which products they need, so they like to view everything in a compact list similar to an online order form.

They might want to see extra technical information about each product, without clicking through lots of pages. They want to tick the products they want and instantly add them to the cart.

You can achieve this by combining WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing with WooCommerce Product Table. This plugin lists products in a wholesale-friendly layout with more products per page, extra product data, and multi-select checkboxes for quicker ordering. The correct wholesale prices will appear on the table, so together these plugins provide a complete solution for a wholesale store.

For $21.00 It’s A Steal

It’s a straightforward no fuss no frills plugin to show wholesale pricing, by splitting up your customers into ‘Customer’ & ‘Wholesale customer’ you are effectively and potentially going to generate a lot more revenue for your business. With the ability to name the field from the normal ‘Your Price’ to ‘Your Special Price’ or ‘Loyalty Price’ or whatever you want to call it to jazz it up and make your customers feel important this plugin pretty darn sweet. That and the ability to enforce a minimum and maximum quantity to justify the price decrease make this worth its weight in gold.

Adding wholesale functionality to your WordPress + WooCommerce powered store for $21.00 is surely in my eyes at least a no-brainer. What would I have liked to have seen? Well, it would have been nice to have dynamic pricing thrown in with discounts on a per quantity break purely for wholesalers, that and the ability to display the discounts ‘ONLY’ to the wholesale customers. However, I fear this would have bumped up the price, mind you still would have bought it anyway!


9 Total Score
WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin Review

A simple, effective plugin for WooCommerce to enable wholesale pricing on your website. It's great at what it does and could help you win more business for your online store. A great investment for only $21.00, definitely worth a purchase.

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