WordPress 4.1 Dinah Review What You Need To Know

We Review What’s New In WordPress 4.1

WordPress 4.1 has been released, some of you will no doubt see the update in your WordPress back end today, or perhaps you already have made the leap. Either or we take a look at the latest update from WordPress codenamed Dinah Washington.

So What’s New In WordPress 4.1?

Say Hello To Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme

Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme

Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme (it’s rather attractive)

Well for a start there is a new WordPress theme Twenty Fifteen which is fully compatible (obviously) with WordPress 4.1 with a focus on clean minimal design. You can choose from a range of color schemes and in fairness the Twenty Fifteen theme is one of the best looking and responsive themes yet from the WordPress guys and girls.

Twenty Fifteen Color Choices

Twenty Fifteen Color Choices

It’s not just about the looks though, Twenty Fifteen also has support for menu descriptions, input of social icons and a whole lot more. If you’re keen to find out more about the Twenty Fifteen theme take a look on WordPress.org for further details.

WordPress 4.1 Features

Distraction Free Writing Update

WordPress 4.1 has a raft of new little features. One of my favourites is the distraction free writing update. Now some of you may wonder where the distraction free writing box is located. I had a little bit of difficulty finding it in fairness.

However worry not! At the top of your post editor screen you have a little tab called “Screen Options” you know the one, the one you more than likely never use! Well if you open this up you will see the below option:

Distraction Free Writing

Distraction Free Writing

Distraction freeOnce you have done this you will notice the little box with arrows at the top of the post editor. When enabling this WordPress will remove everything else from the page via a nice little animation to let you focus on what really matters the content itself.

This feature is fantastic I have to say and has already shaved some serious time off of creating this post due to the fact I am not fussing over little details from the wealth of admin options I have in place here on WPin.me!




Take a look the image below and see for yourself what distraction free writing actually looks like if you have not enable it as yet:

Distraction Free Writing section

Distraction Free Writing section

As you can see from above the admin menu sidebar, the admin menu top bar and of course the post editor sidebar have completely disappeared meaning you can focus on what matters. Your content.

Old Distraction Free Writing System

Old Distraction Free Writing System

When you compare the above to the old distraction free writing system (again see image above) there is a real difference. I just feels right, so much better than the old version that’s for sure. Having everything at your disposal when editing a post without the noise of admin menus is fantastic. In fact I would go as far as to say it’s an almost sublime experience creating a post now. So a tip of the hat to the WordPress guys and girls.

The WordPress Plugin Section Gets An Addition

Plugin recommendations

Plugin recommendations

Once you have updated to WordPress 4.1 you will now see upon visiting the plugins sections a new menu option called Recommended. The recommended plugin menu suggests WordPress plugins based on what you have installed and what other WordPress users have installed. Rather than the standard Featured, Popular and Favourites which pretty much show the same old same old to a degree. The recommended section seems to be a little more up to date at least upon me trying and is a chance for you to find new and exciting WordPress plugins.

Vine Gets Support In WordPress Editor!

Simply cutting and pasting a video link from Vine in the WordPress post edit and the Vine video in question gets automagically displayed in your blog post. As I am typing the video is ACTUALLY playing which is another cool little feature for those blogging about social media or indeed listing awesome Vines. PSDs can now be uploaded via the WordPress media up-loader also.

Other WordPress 4.1 Features You Might Be Interested In

The post title now supports a spell check as well which is very handy indeed. The custom header and custom background menu items have now been moved to the customise screen so you can do everything you need in one place.

Another excellent new feature in WordPress 4.1 is the log out of all instances feature, which is a bit of a bid deal. Well at least for me (see below).

Logo out new feature in WordPress 4.1

Logo out new feature in WordPress 4.1

This new feature gives your the ability to log out of all other sessions you may have signed into. It’s a great feature if you have updated your site on another machine (not your own one) and want to ensure no one else can log in.

There is also now support for changing the language of WordPress. Simply head to your settings page in the WordPress admin and choose from 44 different languages and instantly change everything. Now that’s pretty sweet.

There Are A Raft Of Changes For Developers Too

As ever with WordPress each new release goes from strength to strength. As I am not a developer it would be unfair of me to give any kind of opinion on the changes and improvements to code itself. Who better to explain that than WordPress themeselves. Read more about the changes here.

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