Why WordPress Theme & Plugin List Posts Are Hurting Your Pocket


Just Stop Listing Top WordPress Themes & Plugins

Ok so I will admit it I have done the same in the past, listed 20 top WordPress themes for this 50 WordPress themes for that and so on. I am guilty, I hold my hands up and that’s why I deleted everything I ever wrote. However all that is happening of late is crap is getting listed. The problem is social sharing and making a quick buck. Let me explain why.

Why WordPress Theme & Plugin Round Up Posts Are A Very Bad Idea

There are WordPress related websites out there in the ether that are listing “Top 30 themes for businesses” or “50 AMAZINGLY responsive WordPress themes you have to buy!”. They are shared via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and whatever social network that applies.

However, these WordPress theme & plugin list posts are effectively misleading and could cause you the consumer to be stuck with an absolute piece of crap and out of pocket. The problem herein lies with ‘affiliate marketing’ and the need to make money.

Ill conceived junk listed in a pretty format to increase traffic without a care in the world about YOUR needs.
Almost all blogs out their will use affiliate links to promote themes and plugins (myself included view the disclaimer). Some themes & plugins listed are awesome and do offer great insight. However as the popularity of list posts specifically for listing WP themes & plugins increases the quality of the themes/plugins reduces.

It’s All About The Quantity

The more themes or plugins listed in a list post the more popular the blog post, the more it is shared. This information then spreads through the social web and hits the screens of potential buyers and sales happen. Consumers see your blog post click on an affiliate link and make a purchase.

That’s all well and good, however what about the poor individual who is now stuck with a plugin or WordPress theme that is absolute shit? Well list posters quite frankly ‘do not give a f**k’. Why should they?

They have just made an affiliate sale and will no doubt be rubbing their greedy little hands whilst emitting an evil cackle.

I Changed Everything On WPin

I did, I changed the way I worked. As a consumer I was becoming one of ‘those’ sites and hated the monster I had become. I literally felt that the direction I was heading in offered no real value to you the WordPress consumer. So I flipped the switch and changed how I worked.

I am not saying that WordPress blogs about WordPress take the same drastic measures I did, however I personally would like to see an end to round up posts.

List Posts They’re Just Spammy Junk

They are. Lets face it they’re just a padding a filler between the next blog post that offers real value. So why do people insist on keep doing it? It’s money and traffic at the end of the day. Plain and simple.

It’s your responsibility as a blog owner to write articles that help, not spammy crap just to make a quick buck.
Now some of you will no doubt say I list themes & plugins which is fine, not saying you shouldn’t do it (personally it’s not for me) fill your boots. However why not list themes & plugins in a list post fashion you have actually reviewed.

There In Lies The Problem

This applies to all blog posts listing products and such not just WordPress themes and plugins. If you asked a percentage of blogs to create a list post on the WordPress themes or plugins they have actually reviewed only a select few would be able to do so.

Ask the same question again about listing themes or plugins they have reviewed and reviewed honestly. You could narrow it down again.

It’s About Transparency For Your Audience

Sure list posts for products, in this case WordPress themes & plugins are a good way to get quick traffic social shares and what not. But will a consumer of one of your recommendations from your list post come back and read regularly, especially if the theme or plugin is crap?

I seriously doubt it. Lets put an end to these types of blog posts and start to offer real quality to potential consumers.

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Hey there, I run WPin.me. I blog about WordPress, write reviews and offer tips where I can, why not follow me on Twitter or something?

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