WordPress Theme Detector WP SiteSpy Plugin Review

WordPress Theme Detector Plugin WP SiteSpy Reviewed

Well, this seems to be something of a trend at the moment. Finding out what theme a WordPress powered website uses, there are a couple of online tools that will help you find out what site a WordPress theme uses namely WP Theme Detector and What WordPress Theme is that.

However, have you ever wanted to add your own WordPress theme detection page to your site?

Well if the answer is yes then you could always opt for WP SiteSpy which professes to be a Theme – Plugin and Back-link Checker. It’s a new plugin available on CodeCanyon that allows you to check WordPress powered websites to see WordPress themes & WordPress plugins they use as well as links into a site, who is info and an SEO Report via the highly reputable MajesticSeo.

Lets review it then, it sounds like an awesome idea doesn’t it?

WP SiteSpyWell yes it does, installation is a piece of cake, it installs much like any other WordPress plugin easily. Upon installing you will note a new admin menu option entitled WP-SiteSpy. All good so far, which is great.

Two options present themselves upon hover or indeed clicking on the header. We have WP-SiteSpy &  Get Saved Theme and Plugin.

Clicking on WP-SiteSpy gives us the option of checking a theme via the backend, I have tested a couple of WordPress powered sites to see what would happen. You can see the screens below:

do it with wp theme info

Do it With WP Theme info as outlined above complete with details such as SEO explorer report, Links in, Who is, WordPress theme used, plugins etc.

noupe theme info

Noupe theme info with all the usual gubbins etc.

As well as being able to do this from the back-end of your WordPress site, you can also use a shortcode to display the URL bar with it’s rather a hideous appearance (see top of the post) which incidentally is not where I wanted it to be, despite placing the shortcode at the base of this post. You don’t have the luxury of display it anywhere else but the top. #Fail.

The output of the plugin renders clickable links for you to search Google for specific info elements such as themes and plugin info, as well as reports (you can always test out WP SiteSpy at the top of the post to see what I mean.)

The other option which is the Get Saved Theme and Plugin info gives you all the sites that have been checked by the plugin from both the backend and the frontend via a shortcode. This particular plugin costs $17.00 on CodeCanyon, I respect CodeCanyon I really do.

However, this plugin is pants. For my American cousins, I do not mean the American equivalency of trousers, no I mean it as pants =junk.


It’s half finished at best, to say the output of the theme from a front-end perspective is uglier than Jonathan Merrick in a dress is an understatement. It’s quite frankly hideous. Other things to note, I tested my site WPin.me in the back-end and indeed the front-end and got nothing.

Now unless I am using an illegal copy of WordPress (doubtful) or some kind of derivative (which would be news in itself) this plugin does not work properly. I have no code that hides plugins or the theme I am using I have tested several sites and to say it is hit and miss would be an understatement.

Ok, ok so I have lost $17.00, not the end of the world, is it? No, will my son go hungry? No. But as a consumer who purchased it in good faith, I am a little miffed. Surely it should have been tested in more depth before it made the cut for CodeCanyon? You’d think so.

The idea of it is killer. I have to say. It would be awesome to allow people to check themes on your website and get a flavor of who is doing well, what themes & WordPress plugins they are using. However for me and indeed I can imagine anyone else who purchased this plugin (all 9 of you as of today) disappointment would be commonplace.

I bear the plugin creator no ill will, I really don’t, they are on to something indeed. Better theme detection, more aesthetically pleasing front-end, shortcode that actually displays where you bloody want it etc. Better output such as showing a list of recent sites checked etc would be awesome.

Do I ask CodeCanyon for a refund? Well maybe I should as I have mentioned it’s a great idea, but poorly executed. Would I buy it? Well, I did, would I recommend you buy it? Hell no, not unless it gets updated and is generally made more awesome.

Anyways you lot will probably test the crap out of it on my blog, so will need a license for it then I suppose. Curses I wanted to order the Avengers on eBay with the money. Oh well, test away you fiends. Test away.

For now, though I would recommend you stick to WP Theme Detector or What WordPress Theme Is That for better results.

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