WPMods Sold For $80,000 Wowser!

Well, it’s not every day you get surprises. Granted on the odd occasion you get one or to but I was shocked to hear about A) WPMods.com being up for sale on Flippa, and it’s subsequent sale. I love WPMods.com. In fairness, it was one of the blogs that got me into doing something in anger on WPin.me

That being said, WPMods has been sold. For a whopping $80,000! Whilst I don’t know the owner personally, Kevin Muldoon, we have spoken briefly over email and he has offered advice and guidance and put up with my stupid questions.

WPMods Sold For A Massive 80K!

WPMods Sold For $80,000 Wowser!From the limited time I have had speaking to Kevin over email and Twitter, I always found him to be a down to earth and likable chap. His knowledge of WordPress was beyond compare, and was always incredibly helpful!

For some, the sale of WPMods will come as a dark day indeed. Growing exponentially in popularity and offering news,  reviews and more to fellow WordPress users the void will now be filled by someone else.

Whilst scant detail is available on who exactly bought the site, I do hope whoever it continues with will keep the site doing what it does best, offering quality posts on our favorite CMS WordPress. I do hope it doesn’t fall by the wayside and gets neglected, which is always a worry when a new owner takes over. However, I am sure this will not be the case.

Just want to wish Kevin all the success in the world with new ventures he has on the horizon, and thank you. Thank you for running an insightful and interesting blog.

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