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Sadly is no more, in fact, if you've visited it of late you will no doubt be redirected to this page.I've been spreading myself too thin with different websites and unfortunately, I realized I'm neglecting all of them, by constantly flitting between them all.To that end, I have ...

WordPress Theme Shops I Trust. As A Consumer.

A while ago Sami of Foxland Themes (great WordPress themes by the way) wrote a blog post recommending WordPress theme stores or shops if you will. It was entitled WordPress Theme Shops That I Trust.There's some great recommendations in the post, with WordPress theme shops I've never heard of, ...

WooCommerce Is Going To Cost You More Here’s Why

WooCommerce has moved the goal posts and ditches it's 50% renewal costs. A while ago I wrote a post entitled "The True Cost Of WooCommerce" and I described the cost implications of running an online store utilising what is essentially a fork of JigoShop.Now that post caused quite a bit of ...

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