I love connecting with fellow WordPress users and WordPress developers. If you have WordPress news you would like to send me to consider submitting it to my user news section on WPin. Simply sign up and visit your account page to start submitting!

Want me to review your product request or anything else in between get in touch!

Request A WordPress Theme Review

If you’re sending me a message to review your WordPress theme or plugin/service, then please do note I do charge.

Sorry better to be upfront than to waste your time and mine. I charge $150.00 for WordPress reviews.

Competitions Or Giveaways

I don’t charge for these as they are a benefit for me and for you. What I will ask is that you let me see what you are offering, if I think it’s of interest an worth running a giveaway (I.e not junk) then I am happy to run with it.

Guest Post Request

If you’d like to write a guest post on WPin I’m open to suggestions! Please note I don’t want crappy posts, how to’s and tips are always welcome.

Help Me With…

If you need help be it with a theme or plugin or just a recommendation hit me up with a message. I’ll do my best to help you in my own way?

Please do note I am not a developer so if it’s plugin / theme customization I’m not your guy, I might know someone who can help though!

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