Found WordPress In A Domain Name? Don’t Bother Visiting Them

WordPress In A Domain Name The Perils & Why You Should Avoid Them

If like me and I know other sites specializing in WordPress do the same we abbreviate WordPress to WP. Why? To obey strict rules as outlined by WordPress themselves. Why do we do that? Well to show our support for WordPress and protect the brand name.

WordPress has strict guidelines about the use of the word WordPress in a domain name which you can see for yourself here. Well we don’t use the word WordPress in our domain name, in fact is a great little domain name. It’s only four characters and I have received emails about the domain name and selling it lol! Not going to happen.

What Are The Dangers Of Using WordPress In A Domain Name?

Well getting sued for one. Disobeying strict copyright/brand guidelines discredits what WordPress has done, I for one am not going to do that and other reputable sites will do the same. However what are the dangers from WordPress enthusiasts visiting websites with WordPress in the domain name?

There are quite a few actually and it’s rather worrying.

WordPress In A Domain Name It Must Be Relevant To My Needs, Right?

Well you would think so wouldn’t you? I mean if your looking for WordPress themes it makes sense to visit a site called (not an actual site BTW, in fact I will not be linking to any of them). However you would be INCREDIBLY WRONG.

All the sites and I do not care what they offer are breaking guidelines and in some cases can do you harm. With pirated copies of WordPress themes & plugins you may get more than you bargained for. There is a reason for these sites of course.

Exact domain name matching is a thing of the past to a degree. However some unscrupulous bloggers aim to capitalize on your misunderstandings of sites relating to WordPress and will more often than not send you to dangerous malware infected sites to download a WordPress theme or WordPress plugin.

This is where you will come unstuck, quite possibly infecting your WordPress theme install with malware or using a WordPress plugin that can give away your password and see your website getting hijacked.

Advertising On These Sites

Be wary of any adverts on these types of websites if you do visit them. Anyone offering a service relating to WordPress will know to advertise on sites that actually know what they are on about not thin affiliate sites offering free themes and pirated copies of WordPress plugins etc.

I use Google Adsense, it’s rather good. However I have seen Google adverts on some of these websites which does indeed surprise me. With Google being so strict on brand and image etc how can they show adverts on domains using the word WordPress in the physical domain name? How come they do not check the site for brand conflict or inappropriate use of a trademark in a domain? I know Google is massive and is inundated with other matters however you must practice what you preach.

Avoid All Sites Using WordPress In The Domain

Well that’s my rant over I suppose. I hope you have perhaps learned a little and will not visit websites with WordPress in the URL itself apart from of course or! As I have said elsewhere WPin aims to help others with WordPress and I do hope that this has helped you from getting caught in a mire of problems.


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