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Help me Obi-wan

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Star Wars R2 D2 Alarm Clock, This Ones A Little Different

There’s a few Star Wars clocks out there, in fact there’s a few R2 D2 alarm clocks about. This one’s different, if you remember the scene in Star Wars A New Hope, the one where Leia is shown saying help me Obi-wan, then you’re gonna love this one.

It projects! Yes it bloody does, it projects the time at a push of a button as well as making all the bleeps we’ve come to know and love! Although it’s just R2 D2’s head not the body, it will fit nicely on your bedside table.

Reach over and surprise your missus or indeed your partner, when they ask what the time is, they will be chuffed to bits as you keep pushing the button making R2 noises and cooing and ahhing.

R2 D2 Alarm Clock Projector Features:

  • Needs 2 AA Batteries
  • Makes the R2 D2 bleeping noise
  • Projects the time in digital format
  • Looks wicked cool

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