Super Mario Mushroom Lamp



Into Super Mario? You’re Gonna Love This

Yup, now you can own your very own Super Mario mushroom lamp. Better yet it makes the mushroom power up 8 bit sound we all know and love from Super Mario.

This officially licenced lamp is sure gonna look the part, perfect as a bedside lamp, table light, or just to put on your desk and look cool. Sure it’s not going to let you read a book bathing in it’s soft red hue, but then who cares when it looks cool as shit?

The Super Mario Mushroom Lamp is available on Firebox here and indeed on Amazon UK here.

Super Mario Mushroom Lamp Features:

  • Officially licenced from Nintendo
  • Iconic mushroom noise when pushed down
  • Emits a warm yet subtle glow
  • Looks the nuts
  • Takes 2 X AA batteries
  • Do not eat it.

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