How To Get WooCommerce Plugins For Free

WP Avengers Dashboard Overview
WP Avengers Dashboard Overview

My post on the true cost of a WooCommerce cart sparked some debate. However since WooCommerce is a fork of JigoShop and has a GPL Licence a website called WPAvengers currently offers a number of WooCommerce extensions for free.

How long this will go on for I do not know, however if you are interested in any of the following WooCommerce extensions then you may well like to head on over and grab a copy of the WPAvengers dashboard.

WP Avengers Dashboard Overview
WP Avengers Dashboard Overview

Advanced Notifications

Additional order and stock notifications for WooCommerce – ideal for dropshippers and store management involving multiple people / departments.

EU VAT Number

Collect customer’s EU VAT number during checkout. Does not charge VAT for EU businesses with a valid VAT number.

Sequential Order Numbers Pro

Custom, sequentially incrementing order numbers for WooCommerce. Works for Subscriptions too.

Quick View

Quickly view product details and add to cart on the catalog page itself. Improves conversion and engagement.

Smart Coupons

Comprehensive suite of solution for coupons, gift certificates and store credits. Allows import, purchasing / emailing coupons and more.

PDF Invoices

Flexible PDF invoicing solution. Send PDF invoice in order email and let customers download their invoices from My Account area.


Sell products and services with recurring payments. Supports physical and digital products.

Table Rate Shipping

Define flexible shipping rates based on location, shipping class, price, weight or item count.

Dynamic Pricing

Set up dynamic pricing rules for products, categories and members.

Print Invoices and Packing Lists

Print invoices and packing lists easily from WooCommerce admin.


Allow customers to create personal / public wishlists and share them over social media easily.

Follow-Up Emails

Comprehensive email marketing solution with auto responders. Drive customer engagement to levels before and after sale.

Product Addons

Add user selectable extra options to products. Checkboxes, select box or custom input. Price each option separately.

Product CSV Import Suite

CSV Bulk Import / Export for Products and Variations. Flexible import with support for product options, post fields, custom post types, images and taxonomies.

Advanced AJAX Layered Navigation

Smart and rapid catalog browsing with powerful layered navigation based on product attributes. Supports color swatches, sizes and checkboxes…

Checkout Field Editor

Control information collected during checkout – add, modify and remove fields per your needs.

USPS Shipping

Dynamic shipping rate calculations using USPS Shipping APIs.

UPS Shipping

Dynamic shipping rate calculations using UPS Shipping APIs.

FedEx Shipping

Dynamic shipping rate calculations using FedEx Shipping APIs.

Canada Post Shipping

Dynamic shipping rate calculations using Canada Post Shipping APIs.


Flaunt product brands – associate products with brands and easily display them to users.

Cart Notices and Offers

Nudge customers to buy now. Show actionable messages based minimum amount, deadline, referrer, items in cart or categories.

2Checkout Payment Gateway

2Checkout payment gateway support for WooCommerce. Direct Checkout, Single Page Checkout and Standard Purchase routines available.

Authorize.Net AIM Payment Gateway

Authorize.Net AIM payment gateway support for WooCommerce

Authorize.Net CIM Payment Gateway

Authorize.Net CIM payment gateway for WooCommerce – save card details securely, use with Subscriptions, Pre Orders and more…

Authorize.Net DPM Payment Gateway

Authorize.Net DPM (Direct Post Method) payment gateway for WooCommerce. Secure transactions, virtually transparent!

Braintree Payment Gateway

Securely save credit card information and let customers easily use it on orders, pre-orders and subscriptions – using Braintree payment gateway

CyberSource Payment Gateway

Accept credit cards in WooCommerce with CyberSource (SOAP) payment gateway

Dwolla Payment Gateway

Use Dwolla as a payment method. SSL certificate recommended, but not required.

GoCardless Payment Gateway

Allow customers to pay via direct debit using GoCardless gateway. Works with orders and subscriptions. A GoCardless merchant account is required.

PayPal Payments Advanced Gateway

Easy online payments with PayPal Payments Advanced. Requires PayPal Advanced account and supports only USD.

PayPal Digital Goods Payment Gateway

One click, frictionless checkouts with PayPal for digital goods.

PayPal Express Payment Gateway

Let customers checkout quickly – on PayPal itself. Requires PayPal API information.

PayPal Pro (Classic and PayFlow) Payment Gateway

Transparent checkout on your own site with PayPal Pro / Payflow Pro. Requires SSL and cURL support.

Skrill / Moneybookers Payment Gateway

Use Moneybookers / Skrill as a payment method.

Stripe Payment Gateway

Elegant, transparent checkout via Stripe. Only for USD / CAD. Requires SSL and cURL support.

I’m not condoning this type of behavior, however the simple fact of the matter is WPAvengers have released their Dashboard offering these plugins for free. If you wanted to test these WooCommerce extensions via their dashboard plugin and get a feel for them, then this is a good start.

Whether you download the plugin and install it is entirely up to you, all I am doing is pointing out where it is located. The descision to install is entirely up to you. It would seem the plugin is updated with revised downloads whenever they are available.

Ultimately I can see this plugin going subscription based with a monthly charge for the service. However for testing of extensions then this could be just the ticket for you. You can grab the WPAvengers plugin here.

Edit: WPAvengers has now gone offline so there is no access to free WooCommerce plugins. (Not my fault!!)


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