GoDaddy Gets WordPress Theme Approved On In Same Day

Primer WordPress Theme

Primer WordPress Theme On In Under 24 Hours?

Primer WordPress Theme
Primer WordPress Theme

GoDaddy a giant in the web hosting world recently submitted a WordPress theme to the theme repository and guess what? It went live in around 8 hours.

This was brought to my attention via a tweet from a well known theme developer Oli Dale who I follow on Twitter see below for the tweet in question:

So What Gives? How Come GoDaddy Got Special Treatment?

Whilst the tweet in question was aimed at  two WordPress news resources no answers are forthcoming so far. Considering the fact that it can take a considerable amount of time (months even) to get works added to the repository much to the chagrin of theme developers.

This has got to smack a little for those who create WordPress themes for, whether it’s to promote pro versions of their WordPress themes are just the fact they want to give something back to WP in general.

So why has GoDaddy received special treatment? Why have they jumped the que in terms of their theme taking precedence over others endeavours? 

At the moment it’s going to be conjecture I’m afraid.

The Primer WordPress Theme

Sure it looks nice, I decided to have a closer inspection on the themes home page, or GitHub if you will. It’s here that commits and pull requests and all things developer related are found. I found something really interesting.

It was under the pull requests

I thought it might be nice to have some branding in the footer of the admin section, linking back to GoDaddy. This could be something we implement on sites not hosted on GoDaddy.

Not necessarily a requirement, but something I thought could enhance branding, increase links back to GoDaddy and remind users of the awesome team who built the theme they are using.



@EvanHerman I’m not entirely sure this is going to play well with the theme review team. Let’s keep this one out for now.

@jonathanbardo I agree, this isn’t a breaking change, so it can wait until after all of our themes are in the repo.

Whilst many theme companies and plugin developers carry promotional elements to them for generating interest in their premium products (think Yoast’s vegas like promo stuff), understated links are fine right?

The question is, adding this link at the footer in the WP back end and the speed in which GoDaddy has had a theme approved could see theme generating a sh*t load of users using their services, especially if the themes are half decent.

I like the words “enhance branding” and the other statement “I’m not entirely sure this is going to play well with the theme review team”. 

You can read the above on the Github pull requests section here to see what I mean.

What About Reviews Of The Primer WordPress Theme On

Well that’s another interesting one in itself. It’s got a 5 star review, albeit just one. Who’s it by? Well it’s by this chap:

topic just the one i needed WordPress org forums

His name is Milan Ivanovic, that’s some great feedback on the theme! Wow, I might take a look at it with such succinct positive feedback. So who is Milan Ivanovic?

Glad you asked:

Milan Ivanovic Linkedin

Yup that’s right he’s a web developer at GoDaddy, oooo that’s coincidental is it not? A theme gets same day approval onto the repo and the first bit of feedback is from someone who probably worked on the theme itself.

It’s Double Standards For Genuine Theme Developers

I’m no developer, I’ve never professed to be one. However I can only imagine the pain that some go through when submitting their theme for it to be rejected or waiting in a que for months on end.

The theme review team have their work cut out, no one can deny them that.

However if I was a theme developer and wanted to add my theme to which was well coded and useful to see it superseded by a web hosting company that probably has a team of devs working on it would be disheartening.

Another thing to look out for as a consumer is never trust the reviews on for themes, this blatant 5 star review from someone who works at GoDaddy makes a mockery of the whole system.

Majorly disheartening.

Are You A WordPress Theme Developer? Are You P*ssed Off With This?

Conjecture as mentioned before will abound, why did GoDaddy jump the theme que? If you have an idea as to why then please by all means leave a comment with your thoughts.


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