Got sick of WordPress, spicing things up a bit

Yup it’s true, I’m totally sick of writing about WordPress. There’s a shed load of articles pertaining to WP in general with tips, tuts, reviews and more.

The main problem is there are in fact quite a few WP content writers out their earning a decent buck by offering the aforementioned. There’s also a lot of content writers out there for hire doing it for next to nothing.

I can’t compete with that, I’m on my own writing content with a full time job, with no budget to hire writers etc.

WPin was always supposed to be about WordPress. With competition growing exponentially, I’ve decided to diversify the blog, I’ll still continue to write about WordPress, don’t get me wrong.

Though I will mix it up, so if you’re just following me due to my WP related blog posts, please continue to do so. However don’t expect them to be as frequently put out there.

You see, I’m bored of WP

Mainly due to a lack of passion about it plus the other reasons as outlined. It doesn’t butter my muffin anymore, it’s quite boring. To me anyways, I feel the time is right to bow out of the WP sphere. It’s just not me anymore. 

Again I’ll still do the odd post about it, if I can think of something noteworthy.

It’s time for a new direction for

I love tech, gadgets and am quite the geek at heart. It’s these things that I find waaaaay more interesting than WordPress. In fact I’m quite a movie buff and would love to write film reviews, physical product review, curate awesome fun products and such.

That’s what I’m aiming to do, and by golly that’s what I will do. Mix it up a bit.

I still love writing don’t get me wrong. Anyone who follows the blog will know I like to go in-depth. It’s just I’m struggling to come up with new posts and worst of all I’m getting bored.

Anyone who’s followed my blogs output would see clearly it’s dwindling.

Rather than shut down I want to keep it alive, albeit with a different take. Apologies to anyone who’s followed my blog and eagerly awaits my new posts, to you I’m sorry.

I do thank you for your readership and as I mentioned I will continue to write about it. Just not at the same level of frequency.


2 thoughts on “Got sick of WordPress, spicing things up a bit

    • Hey Andy, yeh sorry man. Just taking a step in a new direction, got bored of WP. Doing something that actually interests me. Fingers crossed it goes ok, thanks for the well wishing!

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