How to Add Google Maps in WordPress

Add Google Maps To Your WordPress Website

Adding a location to your website gives you a number of advantages. It will become easier for your visitors to find the information about the exact location of your business, venue, event etc. you are speaking about on your website. It also will enable your visitors to remember your location and get to you much easier.

If you have created a WordPress website and now have decided to add Google Maps plugin, create an interface according to your taste in order for your map to be visually rich, then you need to select an appropriate plugin from a number of different ones, which seem the same at the first glance.

Putting up a Google Map on your website has become very easy, even beginners can easily deal with it. Most maps are customizable, so they enable you to change different properties according to your preference.

Let’s start investigating some of the useful plugins you can operate for your WordPress website.

 Huge IT Google Maps

 Huge-IT Google Maps

Huge-IT offers you new opportunities with Huge-IT Google Maps plugin. Due to this plugin you can design your Map so that your visitors could find the information about the exact location of business, venue, events, etc.

You just need to add an appropriate information and enjoy the result. You can create markets on the maps according to your taste. You have many different options to design your Map as well. You can also watch all your changes before inserting map into post/page.

So, which are the main functions Huge-IT Google Maps provides?

You can create unlimited number of maps and select your desired names, set your map height and width as well. You can select among 4 map type from General Options,that are Roadmap, Sattelite, Hybrid and Terrain.

Add markers for any address, latitude/longitude location and animations to your map markers. Besides the certain styles Provided by Google Maps you can upload your preferable image into the map. Your visitors will see this image instead of a marker. Besides that, you can add descriptions and links to your map markers.

You can create a polygon on the map according to your taste, give shale and set styles on it. This function allows you to indicate borders of a specific location, this will make finding you much easier for your visitors.

Adding polylines allows you to highlight specific road/track, give styles to the path and change it on your map whenever you need. So your visitors can find the directions of your place easily.You can add circle in your Maps plugin, set the min and max zoom level.

It also enables you to add Map Traffic Layer, Bicycle Layer, Transit Layer. Your Google Map can be draggable. In Huge-IT Google Maps  you can find more than 20 various map options which will make your Map better for you and your visitors.

What comes to responsiveness, Huge-IT Google Maps is fully responsive. This means that it is very easy and convenient to operate with different devices and screen sizes.

Huge-IT Google Maps Pro Version offers even more abilities: Advanced Directions, CSV File Export Support, Advanced Layers, Advanced Customization, Default and Custom Market Upload, Links and HTLM Support.

So, you can create your Google Map for your WordPress website just in a few minutes. It is very easy to operate Huge-IT Google Maps . It can be easily integrated with any WordPress website. Google Maps can be easily inserted, customized and used in posts, pages or as a simple widget.

Most of the functions are absolutely available in the Free Version of Google Maps plugin.

Different Markers

18 Different Markers From Huge-IT

traffic layer

Traffic Layer

Polygons Polylines & Circles

Polygons, Polylines and Circles

To summorize, Huge-IT Google Maps  plugin offers you the following:

  • Create unlimited number of maps
  • Select your desired map name
  • Select among 4 map type from General Options
  • Set your map height and width
  • Enable map animation
  • Select your map icon for markers
  • Add Google Maps polygons link
  • Add circle in your Maps plugin
  • Easily use Google Map
  • *Maps support Street View
  • Define your maps width, height and zoom level
  • Select different marker icons for maps plugin
  • Add markers for any address, latitude/longitude location
  • Add animations to your map markers
  • Add Polygons to your Google Maps Plugin
  • Add Polylines of your Google Maps Plugin
  • Create a map just in seconds
  • Set the min and max zoom level for your map plugin
  • Add descriptions, links and images to your map markers
  • Export the map to CSV
  • Map Traffic Layer
  • Map Bicycling Layer
  • Map Transit layer

Some features

  • Map type: Roadmap,Satellite,Hybrid,Terrain
  • Map can be Draggable
  • Map offers huge amount of animation
  • Map Marker Infowindow Open On: Click or Hover
  • Over 20 Map Options

ANK Google Map

ANK Google Map

One more example of a responsive Google Maps plugin for your WordPress website is Ank Google Map. This plugin also offers a number of functions that may be useful for you. Operating this Google Maps plugin you can adjust your map canvas height and width and modify map canvas border color as well. You can even change the map’s language.

The Ank Google Map enables you to add animated and colorful marker on map. You can also place an information window on the marker with custom text/markup. If necessary, you can disable dragging on mobile devices or touch enabled devices. Besides that, you will be able to disable mouse wheel zoom.

Ank Google Map enables your visitors to find your location just by typing addressThe map is responsive, so it will be comfortable to use it on different devices.

plugin option screen

Plugin Option Page Screen

Maps Builder-Google Maps Plugin



Let’s turn to another WordPress Google Maps plugin, which is Maps BuilderThis is also one of the most flexible and easy to use WordPress plugins, through which you can build a creative Google Map directly on your website. It will take you only a couple of minutes to create your Google Map.

The Maps Builder enables you to edit fullscreen in a Customizer-like environment. This means you can watch all the process of creating your map. You can display nearby business locations and points of interest complete with ratings, custom marker icon.

You have the possibility to create a. Your Google Map theme will look beautiful with any design powered by Snazzy Maps, as Maps Builder plugin is integrated with Snazzy Maps. You can also set icons and colors for your map markers.

All scripts and styles are optimized and packaged with Grunt. So you will have a very creative and modern interface using the Maps Builder_Google Maps Plugin for your WordPress website.

fullscreen map builder

Full screen Map Builder

frontend view

Frontend View


Google Maps Master



Another way you can showcase your business location in a Google Map or just your personal location if you have a blog or forum, is Google Maps Master, another professional WordPress plugin.

In addition to this, you get a number of backend options to arrange your map display, adding for example name, website, email, phone number, mobile, city, state and country. One more important thing is that Google Maps Master is fully Mobile Responsive.

The plugin includes and allows selection of any of the Google Maps display: Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain. You can display 1 marker in Basic Widget and up to 12 markers in the Advanced Widget.

Google Maps Master offers Viral Widget, Basic Widget, Advanced Responsive Widget, Information Widget, TechGasp Radioactive Widget.

google maps master marker

Google Maps Master Marker Icons

real time traffic

Google Maps Information Widgets

Google Map with FancyBox Popup

Google map fancy box

We present you one more useful plugin for you to display your business location in a Google Map or your personal address. That plugin is Google Map with FancyBox Popup, which allows you to add a Google Map into popup window as it uses the JQuery implementation. Popup window will open by clicking location address. This is the plugin’s greatest advantage.

One of the other advantages Google Map with FancyBox Popup provides, is simply-controllable backend,so you can easily deal with it. The plugin is fully responsive, so it will look very we’ll on any kind of device. It also has a section for FAQ.

It is very easy to share your Google Map, too. By just using the plugin shortcode you can add the Google Map in specific posts or pages.

front page 2

Front Page 2

To sum up, there are a number of professional and really useful plugins you can use creating a Google Map on your WordPress website. Based on your preferences each plugin can be useful in a certain way. But it is very important not to loose much time trying all the plugins while searching for what you want.

In this case we suggest trying the WordPress Google Maps plugins we have spoken about. This will help you save your time and make a right choice.

Please note this blog post was a guest post from Huge IT. All opinions expressed here are solely from Huge IT. If you would like to send a guest post about WordPress for my attention then please contact me here.

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