How To Change Title Of WooCommerce Shop For SEO

Changing Title Of Shop Page For SEO In WooCommerce

Ok, so I have just literally done this and some of you may well have searched the web to find out how to change the SEO title for your newly created shop instead of it saying “Products” all the time. Well there is an incredibly easy way to do this.

I must stress though I am using WordPress SEO by YOAST so if you have that installed and of course WooCommerce read on. If not I apologize but I have not had the time to try any other method, perhaps you know of one? If so do share with a comment below.

Anyways assuming you have both of these installed we will crack on. Right you may well be getting a little frustrated with your newly created store or shop, in fact the fact you are having difficulty changing the SEO title of the shop page may well be putting you off of using WooCommerce. It shouldn’t.

The solution is ridiculously easy and in fact I am annoyed I did not spot it sooner but hey that’s my problem. Ok see the image below for what we are about to do.

Yoast WordPress- SEO
As you can see from the above we are looking to change the SEO title for the shop page or in my case store. So instead of the the page saying something like “Products | ” and not being able to change the SEO title in the WordPress SEO box in the admin for the on page SEO we need to navigate.

So on the left hand side of your admin in the menu for SEO hover and click Titles & Meta in the resulting page click on Post Types then scroll down to Custom Post Type Archives find the Products section and make your changes accordingly. As you will see from the image I have made my changes as I deemed necessary.

Now visit your page mine is on the changes made in the Custom Post Type Archives are now reflected on the page try it out yourself.

What if your shop page is your home page?

Worry not I have just tested this and whatever your SEO page title you choose in the Custom Post Type Archives it will be reflected even if your shop page is your home page i.e. if my store was on the SEO page title would show whatever we chose from the Custom Post Type Archives. Now that was easy was it not?

The reason it works is that the shop or store page or whatever you are calling it is in fact an archive of sorts, it’s an archive of your products so making the changes outlined above will ensure your page title looks that little bit sexier in Google to attract new business.

Hope this helps you in your quest to run an online store with WooCommerce.

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